the mayor Willy Demeyer regrets what he describes as intensive urbanization around Liège

A principle which, according to the mayor of Liège, should not be limited to the territory of Liège. “Urban housing is the most respectful of the environment because it is extremely dense,” noted Willy Demeyer. “I regret the intensive urbanization around Liège which has the effect of bringing a lot of runoff water back to the Liège territory”.

And to add that the fact of refusing real estate development projects in Liège also means taking the risk of seeing them set up in neighboring municipalities. He therefore admitted that reflection is necessary within the framework of the municipal development plan but believes that it should not be limited to Liège.

The mayor of Liège therefore called for mobilization together so that the Walloon Region issues rules “so that we are not the only ones to take this type of decision”, he concluded.



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