The mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle, “golden melon” of the Canard enchainé

The mayor of Grenoble Éric Piolle, candidate for the environmentalist primary, is awarded “without the slightest hesitation” by our colleagues from the Canard enchaîné “the golden melon” of the satirical newspaper Wednesday, August 11, for his statements to the Sunday newspaper from his vacation spot in La Rochelle on August 8. Éric Piolle had entrusted to the JDD, “with ease”, ironically the Chained Duck: “I have the experience of victory and the exercise of power. I am the center of gravity, at the heart of a humanist arc going from Matthieu Orphelin to rebellious France”.

definitely the mayor of Grenoble is “subscribed” to Le Canard in summer. A year ago, the volatile made fun of the new denominations of the deputy mayors appointed by the municipal council in July after the second round of the municipal elections. Calling it “not bitten by beetles the second deputy in charge of nature in the city, biodiversity and ‘freshness’.”

Already pinned by the Chained Duck

The weekly was also ironic about the “Grenoblois who can show off now that they have a delegate ‘in the time of the city'”. Eric Piolle responded on Twitter. Le Canard enchaîné had also criticized mayor’s management the library conflict Grenoble, in the spring of 2017. Here again, Éric Piolle had made a personal answer which began with “Dear Duck”.

Whereas it is and campaign for the ecologist primary in mid-September, will the mayor of Grenoble take this “golden melon” with humor? We await his response.


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