The Madrid government commissions a major audit of what Vox calls “chiringuitos”

The government of Madrid has needed to Vox for the investiture and budget votes but, just in case, it has to comply with what was agreed because those of the Monastery sow legislative mine action if they are ignored. There is the rejection “Fiscal Autonomy Law”the apple of the liberal eyes of Ayusokryptonite against “Sánchez hacks”that the members of the legislature threaten to overthrow and on which they have not yet said the last word.

The point of “bad milk” is that is the star rule of Fernández Lasquetty with whom he signed Monastery agreement on this year’s accounts. That is why we have to go back to the budget agreement and go over the points. Yesterday with the reduction of deputies and today, in the Governing Council, with the fulfillment of measure 11 of the agreement: “The Government, with its own means or by commissioning foreign institutions such as AIReF, conduct audits of all grants granted in the last four years, in order to verify their impact on the subsidized activity and the results achieved”… and continues “the hiring or assignment will begin no later than three months after the approval of the budget”.

They were approved on December 22 and today, three months and one day later, the mandate arrives. The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility will prepare a study on whether these subsidies serve what they were granted for and, with the final document, see how much is spent or invested. And if that expense or investment is efficient. This analysis will cover more than 250 grants with a budget close to 300 million, including those for non-governmental organizations and other non-profit associations, individuals and local entities.

Knowing the “how” and the “why”, they can be adapted or readapted to the needs. Monasterio, who has been talking about “the beach bars” for years, announced in the pre-election campaign that his plan was to audit “the Caritasto Save de Children, to everyone, to see what they do with the resources of the people of Madrid and, according to the calculations of their party, more than 4,000 million could be saved by closing entities, duplicities, beach bars, NGOs, etc…” This would be something more than a fifth of the entire regional budget.

Photo: The president of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF), Cristina Herrero.  (EFE)

This assignment that will come out today from the Governing Council, which does not cover as much as Vox promised, is not new for AIReF. The most important precedent is from the year 2019, when Jose Luis Escriva, today Minister, was its president. He then elaborated a great study on public spending and more specifically on the subsidies defined in the General Law of Subsidies. The main conclusion of that macro-report is that there was no type of evaluation of public policies, that there was only legal and accounting control, but that the results were not taken into account. Escrivá also said in the presentation that there was a lack of strategy, transparency and traceability. This did not allow us to know if there are duplications or overlaps because it is impossible to make the journey from when that money leaves an administration until it reaches the beneficiary. He clarified that “it was not to save” but to “improve”.

That is exactly what the Government of Madrid and its partner in the legislature want to know within the commitment to budgetary stability and what is called “efficiency in spending”. There was a lot of talk about all this in the first years of the Rajoy government. Montoro himself, in the presentation of the AIRef, said that it was a “body to reinforce the institutional architecture of Spain in favor of the current budgetary stability in all its public administrations”. This also has to do with the need to comply with the agreement so that the Fiscal Autonomy Law can be approved smoothly, on which Ayuso has based a large part of his government project and economic confrontation with Sánchez.


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