The Lord Mayor is shining with the V-traffic light

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Almost six months after the local elections, the municipal authorities in Frankfurt started work on Thursday. It happened surprisingly smoothly and noiselessly. Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann signed the list including the departmental distribution, as it was made out by the V-Ampel, without objection. According to the Hessian municipal code, he would have been entitled to distribute responsibilities differently. He had waved with this fence post before the election when a black-green alliance probably appeared in Frankfurt. Now he is struggling to achieve harmony, battered by the AWO affair. As Martin Benninghoff writes in his commentary, the mayor wants to continue to sit at the head of the magistrate’s table as the self-proclaimed “voice of the people”.

Helmut Schwan

Head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He has certainly followed all of this very carefully: Hardly anyone else has influenced Frankfurt’s local politics as much, and hardly anyone has lived it as intensely as he does. The long-time Frankfurt city treasurer Ernst Gerhardt will be 100 years old this Friday. Martin Benninghoff and Matthias Trautsch visited the CDU politician and reviewed an eventful century with him. A lot would not have been possible in Frankfurt without his support and without his political courage. Above all, not the Museumsufer project, which he realized together with the long-time, late cultural director Hilmar Hoffmann. Gerhardt did not mind that Hoffmann belonged to the SPD. For him, Hoffmann was one of the “discussion partners on an equal footing” who were now decreasing. He means above all the common horizon of experience.

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If everything goes smoothly, the FAZ publishing house and editorial team will move into their new headquarters in the Europaviertel in the third quarter of 2022. The more than 60 meter high building in the shape of a double H is on the corner of Europa-Allee and Pariser Straße. The topping-out ceremony was held on Thursday, not far from the previous location in the Gallusviertel. While some other companies relocated their location abroad or in the surrounding area, the “Zeitung für Deutschland” remains true to its home city of Frankfurt, said Frankfurt’s planning department head Mike Josef. The city appreciates this loyalty. FAZ editor Carsten Knop recalled the founding of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 1949 and the claim to be a medium for “thoughtful people of all professions and ages”, supported by the spirit of freedom and the social market economy. Producing a newspaper and, in the meantime, also an online offer in this sense is a “joint effort” – very much like on a construction site.

And also the test route on Autobahn 5 south of Frankfurt will not only be extended, several types of drive will also be tested. For this purpose, the project is raised to the status of an innovation cluster of the federal government +++ In Frankfurt, the interest in electing the members of the Bundestag by letter is roughly twice as high as four years ago. Almost 150,000 applications have already been received at the Citizens Registration Office +++ District Administrator Thomas Will considers a flood disaster like in the Eifel in the Groß-Gerau district to be “theoretically conceivable”. According to current calculations, around 80 percent of the area of ​​the district could be flooded after unusually heavy rainfall.

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