The list of spas of the Imserso Thermalism Program for 2021

The trips of the Imserso are getting closer and closer. The hiring process is moving forward. This Wednesday the evaluation phase of the bidders’ bids has been completed, so that the most complex phase of contracting has been closed in three months, and having overcame a precautionary suspension for appeals before the Contractual Appeals Tribunal.

In order for IMSERSO trips to be resumed after being forced to interrupt them by the coronavirus pandemic, two essential conditions had to be met: there was a security situation on covid-19, which has been achieved thanks to the decrease in the accumulated incidence and the advance of vaccination, and the second condition was the existence of that certainty accompanied by the existence of a sufficient tourist offer that would allow the momentum of the new hiring.

Regarding the Thermalism program, they assure that they are in an advanced process of contracting establishments to meet the demand for places by users and who will be communicated in the coming weeks.the beneficiaries of this program.

Below we detail the list of spas that will participate in the Imserso 2021 Thermalism program.

List of spas

Below is the following list of spas that participate in the Imserso Thermalism Program this year.


Among the Andalusian spas, those chosen for the Imserso program are the following:

  • Almería – Alhama de Almería, San Nicolás Spa.
  • Cádiz – Chiclana, Chiclana spa.
  • Granada – Alhama de Granada, spa of Alhama de Granada.
  • Granada – Graena: Balneario de Graena 1 (Hostels Montual y Soledad) and Balneario de Graena 2 (Hotel Balneario)
  • Granada – Lanjarón: Lanjarón spa – 1 (Other hotels), Lanjarón spa 2 (three-star spa) and Lanjarón spa 3 (four-star spa).
  • Granada – Villanueva de las Torres, Alicún de las Torres spa.
  • Jaén – Canena, San Andrés spa


The list of Aragonese spas for the Imserso:

  • Huesca – Panticosa, Baths of Panticosa spa.
  • Huesca – Vilas de Turbón, spa of Las Vilas del Turbón
  • Teruel – Ariño, Ariño spa.
  • Teruel – Manzanera, El Paraíso spa.
  • Zaragoza – Alhama de Aragón, Spa of Termas Pallarés – Alhama de Aragón.
  • Zaragoza – Alhama de Aragón, spa of Alhama de Aragón.
  • Zaragoza – Jaraba, a seaside resort in Sicily.
  • Zaragoza – Jaraba, spa of La Virgen.
  • Zaragoza – Jaraba, Baths of Serón spa.
  • Zaragoza – Paracuellos de Jiloca, Paracuellos de Jiloca spa.


  • Cantabria – Alceda, Alceda spa.
  • Cantabria – Caldas de Besaya, Caldas de Besaya spa
  • Cantabria – Liérganes, Liérganes spa (Gran Hotel) and Liérganes spa (Hotel Termas)
  • Cantabria – Peñarrubia-La Hermida, La Hermida spa.
  • Cantabria Puenteviesgo, spa of Puenteviesgo

Castilla la Mancha

  • Albacete Reolid – Salobre, spa of La Esperanza
  • Albacete Reolid – Salobre, bathing resort of Baños de Benito
  • Albacete – Villatoya, bathing resort of Baños de la Concepción
  • Ciudad Real – Fuencaliente, Fuencaliente spa
  • Ciudad Real – Sta. Cruz de Mudela, Cervantes spa
  • Guadalajara – Trillo, Carlos III spa
  • Toledo – Villafranca de los Caballeros, Las Palmeras spa

Castile and Leon

  • Burgos – Corconte, Corconte spa
  • León – Caldas de Luna, Caldas de Luna spa
  • Salamanca – Retortillo, spa of Retortillo
  • Salamanca – Vega de Tirados, Ledesma spa
  • Valladolid – Medina del Campo, Las Salinas spa
  • Zamora – Almeida de Sayago, Almeida spa (H. Balneario) and Almeida spa (H. Encarna)


  • Barcelona – Caldes de Montbuí, Catalonia Skewers
  • Lleida – Caldes de Boí, Catalonia Caldes de Boí (Hotel Manantial)
  • Lleida – Rocallaura – Vallbona, spa of Rocallaura
  • Tarragona – Comarruga, spa of Comarruga
  • Tarragona – Montbrió del Camp Termes, Montbrió spa
  • Tarragona – Vallfogona de Riucorb, spa of Vallfogona

Valencian Community

  • Castellón – Benassal, Benassal spa (Various hotels)
  • Castellón – Montanejos, Montanejos spa (H. Rosaleda, Xauen and Palacios) and Rest of hotels
  • Castellón – Villavieja, spa of Villavieja
  • Valencia – Cofrentes, Hervideros de Cofrentes spa
  • Valencia – Requena, spa of Fuentepodrida (Del Cabriel)


  • Badajoz – Alange, Alange spa (Hotel Acualange), Alange spa (Hotel Varinia Serena)
  • Badajoz – Puebla de Sancho P., El Raposo spa
  • Cáceres – Baños de Montemayor, Montemayor Spa – 1 (other establishments), Montemayor Spa (Hotel Balneario) and Montemayor Spa (Hotel Eloy)
  • Cáceres – Hervás, El Salugral spa (H. Spa and Synagogue)
  • Cáceres – Montánchez, spa of Fuentes del Trampal
  • Cáceres – Valdastillas, Valle del Jerte spa


  • A Coruña – Brión, spa of Santiago de Compostela
  • A Coruña – Carballo, Carballo spa (Old Baths)
  • Lugo – Lugo, spa of Roman Baths
  • Lugo – Palas de Rei, Rio Pambre spa – 2 (H. Balneario)
  • Lugo – Pantón, Holy Water spa
  • Ourense – Arnoia, spa of Arnoia
  • Ourense – Baths of Molgas, spa of Molgas – 2 (H. Ansuiña) and spa of Molgas (H. Spa)
  • Ourense – Carballino, Carballino spa (H. Derby and H. Lorenzo)
  • Ourense – Laias -Cenlle, spa of Laias
  • Ourense – Lobios, spa of Lobios
  • Pontevedra – Caldas de Reyes, Acuña Spa – 1 (H. Resort) and Acuña Spa (H. Balneario)
  • Pontevedra – Caldas de Reyes, Dávila spa
  • Pontevedra – Caldelas de Tuy, spa of Caldelas de Tuy
  • Pontevedra – Cuntis, spa of Termas de Cuntis
  • Pontevedra – Isla de La Toja, spa of Isla de La Toja
  • Pontevedra – Mondariz, spa of Mondariz

The Rioja

  • La Rioja – Arnedillo, Arnedillo Spa – 2 (Hotel Spa)
  • La Rioja – Grávalos, seaside resort of Grávalos
  • La Rioja – Cervera del Rio Alhama, spa of La Albotea


  • Murcia – Archena, Archena spa (H. León)
  • Murcia – Fortuna, Leana Spa (H. España) and Leana Spa (Victoria and Spa Hotels)


  • Navarra – Elgorriaga, Elgorriaga spa
  • Navarra – Fitero, spa of Fitero (H. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer) and spa of Fitero (H. Virrey Palafox)

Basque Country

  • Vizcaya – Areatza, spa of Areatza
  • Vizcaya – Carranza, spa of Termas El Molinar
  • Guipúzcoa – Zestoa, spa of Cestona

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