The Linz teams are still far from reaching an agreement –


Yesterday the summit took place in Linz between the Black Wings Linz, the EV Linz and the ÖEHV President Gernot Mittendorfer and OÖEHV President Christian Ladberg, who were present as mediators. There is no result yet, but you are “on the right track”.

A lot was hoped for from yesterday’s meeting. Above all, that the conflict that has dominated the Austrian ice hockey landscape for two months can finally be put aside. But an agreement is apparently still a long way off.

As the “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten” reports, one is generally willing to negotiate on both sides and would like to work on a solution, but too many construction sites do not make it possible to quickly find an overall solution.

For the Black Wings, President Freunschlag and his Vice Presidents Thomas Füchsel and Peter Nader were at the table, for EV Linz these were club spokesman Karl Egger, business lawyer Peter Vogl and LIWEST ​​representative Stefan Gintenreiter.

It was a constructive conversation. There are still some construction sites, but a step has been taken towards one another, ”EHV Linz spokesman Karl Egger reveals to the“ Krone ”. BW Linz boss Freunschlag also reveals: “We have found a good basis on which to build with certainty. The talks were a step in the right direction ”.

Both parties have agreed not to disclose the content of the negotiations, but one thing is clear: time is running and at some point a solution is needed …

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