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President , with his silence, and the prime minister , with a statement, they tried to distance themselves from César Tito Rojas, a member and former leader of the – Front body of the Shining Path – that last Tuesday, along with other union leaders from Puno, entered the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) to meet with the head of the Ministerial Cabinet.

The name of Tito Rojas was even noted in the official registry of the PCM as if he were a representative of the Unitary Union of Workers in Education of Peru (Sutep) when actually it is part of a guild linked to the (founded by Pedro Castillo), whose origin is the National Committee for Reorientation and Reconstruction of Sutep (Conare), related to Movadef. Sutep and Fenate (National Federation of Education Workers of Peru) are rival organizations.

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Despite the silence of the head of state, the relationship between Castillo and Tito goes back several years: both have participated in protests, marches, assemblies and even international forums, based on photos, videos and documents accessed Trade.

In a document from the Directorate against terrorism (Dircote) it was recorded that Castillo and Tito participated as exhibitors in an event held in La Paz, Bolivia, on May 10 and 11, 2018. In the same activity, developed at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, they were Edgar Tello, current congressman from Peru Libre, as well as Mery Coila, Lucio Ccallo, members of Fenate and linked to Movadef. Too Efraín Condori Ramos, denounced in 2012 for apology of terrorism, riots and damage to public property.

In Bolivia they were received by Álex Shamán, identified by the National Police as a member of the Shining Path who, after his release in 1995, resides in that country with refugee status., according to police reports. He was captured at one of the Fenate meetings that took place in Rímac in 2018. Shamán is considered a leader of Movadef in Bolivian territory.

Links Between Pedro Castillo And Cesar Tito Rojas Corregido
With his silence, President Pedro Castillo tried to distance himself from César Tito, a member and former leader of Movadef. However, there are images and documents that show that the link between the two dates back several years.

In other documents, different union activities were noted in which Castillo and Tito were present, such as in the “Pedagogical Seminar in the Context of Politics”, held in February 2018 in Puno, as well as Coordinations in Lima to carry out a teachers’ strike in May of the same year.

Activity [de la Fenate] was chaired by José Pedro Castillo Terrones, whose purpose was to establish agreements for the beginning of the indefinite national strike to prevent evaluations of teacher performance at the initial and primary levels, scheduled by the Ministry of Education for June and July 2018”Reads the police report.

It was added that “planned to develop the National Assembly of Regional Delegates, as part of the preparatory activities”Of this stoppage of teachers’ work.

César Tito Rojas and Pedro Castillo at one of the meetings of Fenate Peru and Conare, a union related to Movadef.
César Tito Rojas and Pedro Castillo at one of the meetings of Fenate Peru and Conare, a union related to Movadef.

The participation of members of the Shining Path bodies has been evidenced, who act as organizers of this National Assembly of Regional Delegates, these being the true promoters of the indefinite national strike and they would come pressuring other leaders of the Sutep bases in the provinces […] so that they fold to the extent of force”, Indicates the document.

In August 2017, , along with other leaders related to Conare, for the alleged crimes against public order due to the national strike of teachers that year that lasted for more than three months.

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In the Conare

Asked about the ties between President Pedro Castillo and César Tito Rojas, the expert on terrorism issues Pedro Yaranga affirmed that the relationship between the two dates back to when the current head of state was incorporated into Conare, before the 2017 teacher strike.

“At a time when Tito was a Conare leader, an evaluation was made to start the teachers’ protest in 2017. They concluded that they needed someone with the image of independent and without a prior record. It was thus that the name of Castillo arose to lead the strike of teachers with whom they had already had previous contacts and affinity, ”explained Yaranga.



Iber Maraví
Two members of the Shining Path affirmed in May and July 1981, during interrogations before the Police Security Department in Ayacucho, that Iber Maraví was part of the subversive organization.


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