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The Lexus LX introduces itself as a more luxurious sibling of the new Land Cruiser

by drbyos

The new generation Lexus LX has taken the best of the new Land Cruiser and will offer F Sport or Ultra Luxury equipment for the first time.

A few months after the premiere of the new generation Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series, the Lexus brand introduces its more luxurious sibling, the fourth generation of the Lexus LX. Like the Toyota, the new Lexus has been waiting for 14 years, but the Japanese carmaker is trying to convince the public that the wait has paid off.

The technical basis of the Lexus LX is identical to the Toyota Land Cruiser, which means, among other things, the use of the classic body concept on the frame and the use of the new TNGA-F platform, which should provide greater rigidity, better driving characteristics and greater safety. In addition to its predecessors, it helps rough off-road vehicles to lose about 200 kilograms in weight.

The side profile of the LX model more or less coincides with the Land Cruiser, but the Lexus received slightly differently shaped rear pillars and the associated different rear windows. The biggest change is the redesigned bow, which received a robust mask in the style of modern Lexus cars, different headlights and a different bumper.

The stern also underwent significant modifications. It attracts with its discreet spoiler or brand new lamps, which are connected across the fifth door by a light bar. The rear bumper is also different, there is a distinctive Lexus inscription and overall the car is hung with a richer layer of chrome decor.

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Probably the most significant changes took place inside, where the new Lexus LX impresses with a new interface with a pair of touch screens. The top screen, located on the dashboard, has a diagonal of 12.3 inches and displays audio control, navigation or information within the Multi-Terrain Monitor mode.

The lower screen, seamlessly connected to the center tunnel and surrounded by ventilation vents, has a 7-inch diagonal and offers quick access to climate control. At the same time, however, it can also work in conjunction with the Multi-Terrain mode, where, for example, it displays off-road data or footage from cameras of the driver’s choice.


For the first time, the new Lexus LX offers special Ultra Luxury equipment that reduces the interior layout to just four places. However, the rear passengers can adjust the inclination of the backrest up to 48 degrees for greater comfort, while the front passenger can move the seat at the touch of a button and gain up to 110 centimeters of legroom. The front seat also has a comfortable footrest.

Other innovations in the Ultra Luxury equipment include ceiling-mounted ventilation, new reading lamps or a pair of screens with an entertainment system for rear seat passengers. Another screen, offering various control options, is then directly between the seats. They have newly shaped headrests and privacy is ensured by enlarged blinds of the side windows.

The second novelty is the F Sport trim level, which offers a sportier design or 22-inch alloy wheels. However, the package also includes a self-locking Torsen rear differential, which provides better traction, and the chassis has also been modified. The front and rear shock absorbers, the rear stabilizer and the power steering received special tuning.

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Let’s not expect any big surprises under the hood. The V8 engine, which had a volume of 5.7 liters in the previous generation, replaces the 3.5-liter six-cylinder fork. However, despite the smaller volume and number of cylinders, it offers a slightly higher output of 305 kW (415 hp) and 650 Nm of torque thanks to twin-turbo supercharging. The transfer of power to a sophisticated all-wheel drive system is then taken care of by a new ten-speed automatic machine, which replaces the eight-speed cabinet.

Combining rugged construction, great off-road technology, spaciousness and even more luxurious equipment, the new Lexus LX is best placed to build on the success of its predecessors. After all, sales of the model, which was introduced in 1996, were around 500,000 cars in 50 countries as of August this year, which is not a bad number at all at the top of the offer.

The car should probably not reach selected markets until next year, but it will most likely not look to Europe. However, the novelty is very important, for example, for the USA, where the sister Land Cruiser is no longer for sale. The car should hit the market next year, but the question arises as to whether it will also not be affected by the huge waiting times that plague Land Cruiser enthusiasts.


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