The Levskov Manuscript – Trailer

The Levskov Manuscript – Trailer

The Berlin author Matthias Wittekindt wrote a text for MS Pacemaker, which Christoph Kalkowski made into a radio play. The viewer listens to this radio play through headphones while the dancers on stage simultaneously demonstrate what is going on in the narrator’s mind. This unusual theatrical form of perception is a special symbiosis of seeing and hearing. First, the sensory perceptions are recorded in isolation, only the viewer and listener combine them and bring the optical and acoustic impressions together. The dance radio play plays with elements from thrillers, love stories and science fiction. It tells a story about the possibility of thinking clearly in a world overflowing with sensory stimuli. He leads the audience into the world of Alexander Lewskow. A world from which the narrator never returned. Choreography and concept: Martin Stiefermann Text: Matthias Wittekindt Stage design: Till Kuhnert Lights: Max Wikström Costumes: Birgit Wentsch Radio play director: Christoph Kalkowski Choreographic assistance: Annette Lopez-Léal Dramaturgy: Efrat Stempler Speaker: Bernhard Schütz With Maura Morales, Sita Ostheimer, Antje Rose , Efrat Stempler, Jonathan Buckels, Damian Gmür, Pascal Séraline Produced by MS Pacemaker Co-produced by the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater Funded by the Berlin Senate for Science, Research and Culture Supported by Dinamix and Medimax


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