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The letter from National 2 clubs to the government

by drbyos

Friday 05 March 2021 22:16 – Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

The government’s decision does not pass for the collective of National 2 clubs which decided to react.

This collective of National 2 clubs has just sent a letter to the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu. We invite you to discover it below.

Madam Minister of Sports, Mr. President of the French Football Federation,

The National 2 clubs worked with the FFF for many weeks to obtain an agreement to resume the championship. The green light given by the Ministry of Sports on February 18 legitimized our approach, but also more broadly, granted recognition of the professional character to our activity. The National 2 * championship, composed of a majority of professional athletes, was perfectly in line with the rules provided for by the Ministry of Sports. Your joint decision confirmed this.

What was our surprise to learn on Wednesday March 3 the questioning of this authorization and the indefinite postponement of the resumption of the N2 and D2F national championships!

This arbitrary decision, taken without consultation with the main players, revolts and questions the clubs. The deterioration of the health situation seems to have partly motivated this decision. This argument cannot be heard because the evolution of the sanitary conditions of the country appears to conform to the forecasts issued at the very moment when you had recorded the resumption of national football competitions. Why then would we be the only competitions impacted? How can we imagine that the organization of 32 matches every weekend over the whole of the territory framed by a very strict health protocol could expose the country to a risk of the development of the pandemic?

The sports delegations, in accordance with the protocol that you have jointly defined, are subjected to a PCR test every week in the 72 hours preceding the matches. The safety of the players in the game, their entourage and all stakeholders is thus ensured, including when traveling by delegations. Our employer obligations are strong in terms of the safety of our employees and you should know that it is with full responsibility that we organize our missions. You recognized our unwavering commitment during the Coupe de France.

We are convinced that your decision of February 18 was taken in full awareness of the rules that you yourself have laid down. How then to justify such a turnaround in 15 days?

We therefore denounce today the unjustifiable:

– Unjustifiable legally because our activity is professional in a global activity which is not prohibited (unlike certain activities which are totally prohibited today)

– Unjustifiable on the basis of the health argument since PCR tests and closed doors guarantee the health safety of all actors

– Unjustifiable in view of the socio-economic impact that such a decision generates on a territorial ecosystem

– Sportingly unjustifiable by the weight and role of National 2 in the hierarchy of national competitions

– Unjustifiable in view of the unfair treatment compared to other federal competitions (N1, D1F) and other sports disciplines

– Unjustifiable in view of the situation of our European neighbors where the 4th division championships are continuing **

Mr. President, we regret that you only take note of the ministerial decision without defending with force and conviction the interests of your national championships and your clubs!

Madam Minister, Mr. President, we ask you to implement the application of the agreement of 18 February last and thus to guarantee the resumption of the N2 championship as soon as possible within the framework of the format initially announced. The future of national championships, clubs, athletes, employees, volunteers and all the economic or institutional stakeholders committed to us is at stake.


The National 2 Clubs Collective

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