The legend Asparuh Nikodimov sharply criticized the CSKA players

The legend of CSKA – Asparuh Nikodimov criticized the players of the club, who according to him are not tactically literate, but still have appetites for the championship of Bulgaria. Here is what Paro told Tema Sport after the draw between the Reds and Pirin on Sunday:

In the ninth match CSKA scored in the last minutes

Since the beginning of the season

“There is no way to pursue high goals with players who lack football intelligence. Against Pirin in Blagoevgrad CSKA played another unattractive match and against this background it is not surprising that he did not win, although he led in the result to the very end.

Uncle Graf:

Uncle Graf: “Bulgarian Army” is the only stadium with a notary deed before the Second World War

The curator of the Reds Museum commented on the case with the new stadium

Even in the situation of the hosts’ equalizer, one of the main problems of the “reds” is evident – the naivety in the game both in attack and defense. When you lead with 1: 0 and there is little time left, you can’t leave an opposing player to cross undisturbed, and your right back to stand 10 meters from the player with whose protection he is engaged.

This speaks for one thing – many of CSKA’s players are tactically illiterate and do not have the necessary flair and sense of how to act in different situations. There are examples of such players in every line of the “Army”, which is insulting for elite players who, on top of everything, want to become champions. “

Sergey Slavchev from

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Here is what he said



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