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Pele hospitalized
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The news spread. On Friday the international media claimed that Pelé had been hospitalized again.

The detail that on this occasion differentiates O Rei’s painting is what has been known about the cancer he suffers from.

He was taken to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo for a routine check-up, his representative announced Thursday, because he is undergoing treatment for the removal of a colon tumor the previous year.

What is true in what is said about Pelé?

Then, before the medical evaluations made to Edson Arantes, 81 years old, it was necessary for him to stay to find other possible sources of cancer, according to what was reported on the ESPN network.

It was noted that Pelé was diagnosed with a tumor in the intestine, as well as others in the liver and in a lung.

Medical sources assure that it is not ruled out that he will receive new chemotherapy sessions, similar to those he had the previous year and that kept him hospitalized until December 23.

However, there is nothing official. Neither the hospital where he was supposedly admitted, nor his daughter, who has been in charge of disclosing information about her father’s state of health, have said anything official.

Even on Friday, late afternoon, information began to be read that this news about Pelé’s health was not true, but there are no true sources to confirm it either.

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