The Last of Us Part I – Release Trailer | PS5 games Relive a game that sets a new level for single-player narrative…


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  1. Uh, is anyone else seeing 1:23? That was not in the original game, I am thoroughly confused (a bit excited too). I would love it if this was a sort of "directors cut", allowing us to see scenes originally planned for the game that never came to fruition. Would certainly lend more reason to buy it.

  2. idk why ppl buy that …unless it 2$ or a free update i dont see the point they got greedy that much after part 2…winning game of the year make you THIS greedy…

  3. Watching this trailer makes me want to cry because we kno Joel’s fate! 😭😭 but man this got me hype to relive these moments. A classic masterpiece

  4. So many people saying don’t wait till it’s cheaper to buy it if you’re a real fan like me who loves this franchise you buy it right way it’s worth it I so cannot wait

  5. If you buy this game at Retail price, you are giving Sony the green light to do this again, and again, and again.

    Vote with your wallet and hit them where it hurts.

    If you really want to play this game, buy it second-hand.

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