The Last of Us Part I – Accolades Trailer | PS5 games

Relive the game that sets a new level for single-player narrative storytelling in The Last of Us™ and explore the devastated…


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  1. This is not a remake Dear Sony , we both know you made it for extra payment after Part II and as we can see from price of Part I 70 dollars is not fair for that “remake”. That is not remake. Only remastered game.

  2. Lol if the lighting is bothering people. Then just literally turn it up. No one is forcing you to play the game in a darker tone. Those are just the default settings

  3. I bought it at 69 uk pounds and yes it stings price wise but honestly for the craft thats went into this, it feels so premium and just honestly if you are a fan its like having a collectors editions in 4k uhd. you would only buy this if you were a massive fan, otherwise the remastered version on ps4 is still available – for free on ps plus! nobody is forcing you to buy. its an option .

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