The largest company that sucks up carbon dioxide from the air, created by a Swiss startup

The Swiss start-up for capturing carbon dioxide from the air, Climeworks AG, has created the largest factory in the world, which sucks up to 4,000 tons of CO₂ per year and deposits them underground.

Climeworks AG has partnered with Icelandic carbon storage company Carbfix to create Orca, a company that draws carbon dioxide directly from the air and went live on Thursday, September 9th.

According to a press release, the construction of Orca began in May 2020 and is based on an advanced modular technology, operating entirely with renewable energy.

The factory is the first of its kind to translate into reality the vision of direct air capture and storage on an industrial scale. The Climeworks startup has managed to intensify this process so that the amount of carbon dioxide captured and stored is higher than ever.

The Orca plant consists of 8 containers similar to those used in the shipping industry, which are equipped with high-tech filters and fans for extracting CO₂. The carbon is then mixed with water and injected underground, where it turns into rock, writes Agerpres, which quotes Reuters.

Climeworks is a Swiss startup founded in Zurich, Switzerland, by three engineers, Christoph Gebald, Jan Wurzbacher and Dominique Kronenberg.

The company, which has raised $ 138.7 million, according to Crunchbase, is removing carbon dioxide from the air as often and safely as possible.


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