The KLASSE! Project relies on media skills

New content, new project modules, new design: with the start of the school year 2021/2022, the KLASSE! Project of the Main-Post media group is presenting itself as a contemporary platform for media studies lessons. The offer has always changed in the 25 years of its existence and adapted to the current media world. The focus has always been on helping teachers impart media skills to their classes? Nothing changed about that.

CLASS! aims to help schoolchildren to get to know all kinds of media, to compare them and to use them sensibly. All KLASSE! Modules are free of charge, the teachers enjoy complete freedom in their design. CLASS is suitable! for all types of schools, the Bavarian curricula provide for media studies in practically all grades.

In addition to the tried and tested project modules, the KLASSE! Team will be offering media customers via live stream every Thursday from the new school year. Another new offer: those responsible for KLASSE! Are in direct contact with the participating teachers via a newsletter.

Diverse teaching material for teachers

The CLASS! Teaching material is under retrievable and offers information on media customers in word, image, video, quiz formats, e-learning modules and presentations. The teacher decides which materials from the material are suitable for their class. There is no longer any distinction between grades or school types. The teaching material can be used on all digital devices, it can be used without access restrictions and without registration. It is suitable both for teaching and as a homework assignment for schoolchildren.

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Access to the media offers of the Main-Post

If access to the digital editorial content of the Main-Post media group is required (usually for a fee) in order to complete the tasks, teachers can access their classes free of charge at order. There is no longer a delivery of printed newspapers to schools and classes in the KLASSE! Project. The duration of the digital access is four weeks, the start time is determined by the teacher when registering. This can be done for the supporting media offers of Main-Post or access to the digital offers throughout the entire school year.

Media studies with a difference: learning via livestream

CLASS! offers live streaming on every Thursday from 9 a.m. to around 9:30 a.m. on topics related to the media world. Current and fundamental topics are explained by media experts. In order to dial into the digital stream, you need to register in advance at There the teachers will also find the weekly schedule with the planned content.

The webinars start this school year on Wednesday, October 20, with an information session for teachers. The first KLASSE! Live stream for schoolchildren will be on Thursday, October 21st. If the teachers cannot use the appointments, the recordings of the live teaching units can also be called up in the media library. The following topics are planned, among others: “Journalistic forms of presentation: What is the difference between news and comment?”, “Social media: opportunities and dangers”, “Fake news: How do I recognize false information?”, “What about media: Which professions are there in the media world? “.

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Stay up to date with the KLASSE! Newsletter

When registering on the teacher can also register for the KLASSE! newsletter. It is sent every 14 days and always contains information on the current KLASSE! Live stream, on campaigns such as teacher media day or student media day as well as current information from the media world.

The KLASSE! Project runs nationwide

The KLASSE! Teaching materials and the live lessons can be used by teachers throughout Germany. Newspaper houses from all federal states can participate in the project as partner media. For the current school year, among others, partner media from Hof, Coburg, Suhl, Straubing, Pforzheim and Augsburg have already registered. The respective partners have different media offers and different project modules for the school classes in their respective region. The Main-Post media group is the partner medium for schools in Mainfranken (

Three questions for the KLASSE! -Team

Question: Why does a regional daily newspaper offer a media project for schools?

Peter Krones: Because it is of great importance for young people to find their way around the almost impenetrable media world. News, private as well as public, are part of the everyday world of experience for all young people. The KLASSE! Project provides information about the sensible use of media through the school, i.e. through the teachers.

The KLASSE! Project takes place almost exclusively digitally. Why does a daily newspaper like Main-Post forego the use of printed newspapers in such a project?

Maria Faiß: Because it depends on the journalistic content and not on the transport medium. We want to achieve the reality of life for the students, and that is now digitally shaped. In addition, all participating classes receive a 1: 1 version of the printed daily newspaper via free access to the e-paper.

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What does the new KLASSE! Offer of live streams offer?

Susanne Salkic: We highlight current topics in media studies in webinars. These range from fake news to social media, from classic news to the professional world in the media. We come to every classroom via live stream every Thursday. This possibility that digitization offers us has never existed before. We would be happy if as many classes as possible want to experience media customers live and come to us!

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