The “king’s tide” begins in South Florida – Telemundo Miami (51)

José Ramón Romero, a North Beach resident, has witnessed the King Tide and its effects, which today began the King Tide season in South Florida, the largest of the year. And faced with this reality, the city of Miami Beach prepares.

Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Góngora calls to prepare and that residents can park in city parking lots for free.

This year’s King Tide could also affect low-lying areas of Miami Beach, both in South Beach and in areas of North Beach near the intracoastal waterway.

“Every year passes, and it goes up, it goes up more. Our patio is completely flooded and all the bushes, the herbs die, ”says a resident.

The King Tide is a phenomenon that occurs when the northern hemisphere of the earth is closer to the sun, and the sun and moon align and create a gravitational force, which generates higher than normal tides. But for some, the King Tide has something of a “Real Wonderful”.

“It’s like a magical thing. It goes out, dumps, dumps water, and when you return, the water from the sea stops coming out, ”says another resident.


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