The Israeli army begins a new plan to manage the upcoming wars from a distance… Video

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Today, Sunday, Hebrew media reported that the Israeli army intends to launch a new plan to remotely manage the upcoming wars.

And the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation stated this afternoon, Sunday, that the Israeli army chose the Israel Aerospace Industries Company with the aim of launching a new plan to manage the upcoming wars from a distance, by initiating the “Carmel” plan that will manage the future battle from a distance.

The Hebrew channel indicated on its website that the new Israeli plan will allow soldiers to maneuver on the battlefield through unmanned mechanisms, using independent systems to operate or control remotely, using artificial intelligence.

The Hebrew channel attributed the use of the “Carmel” plan to reduce the risks to the lives of soldiers in the coming wars.

Always The Calcalist newspaper confirmedToday, Sunday noon, the country’s Elbit Military Industries Company will manufacture light tanks with self-powered capabilities, to be operated with only two soldiers, and not four soldiers, with an investment of billions of shekels.

The newspaper pointed out that the “Carmel” is a combat vehicle belonging to the Israeli army, which is supposed to operate autonomously in the future, without the presence of drivers inside it.

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