the interior of the new Tesla Model 3

the interior of the new Tesla Model 3

Among the protagonists of the Munich Salon there is definitely the new one Tesla Model 3. The restyling of the best-selling electric sedan in the world is attracting a lot of attention due to its revised design and the various new features interior.

So here are the first sensations aboard the Tesla told live by the IAA Mobility 2023.

New materials and new functions

At first glance, the interior of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 may look very similar to its predecessor. And indeed it is, even if the House of Elon Musk has revised many important details.

First of all, gods are noted materials premium materials such as aluminum and fabrics, which embellish both the front area and the rear row. In addition, thicker glass and new gaskets help improve overall soundproofing, as well as making the car more resistant to side impacts.

Rear passengers have one available 8″ screen to control climate control, seat heating, radio and streaming app playback, while in front we notice an even more simplified dashboard. In fact, the direction indicators have been moved directly to the left spoke of the steering wheel, while the automatic gearbox controls can be activated directly from the central display.

New Tesla Model 3 (2023)

New Tesla Model 3, the interior

The latter has the same dimensions as the previous Model 3 (i.e. 15.4″), but has a thinner bezel. The infotainment functions have remained substantially unchanged, although some new goodies should be noted – highly requested by the community of Tesla enthusiasts – such as the possibility of completely switching off the air conditioning on the passenger side.

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New Tesla Model 3 (2023)

New Tesla Model 3 (2023), the double wireless charger for smartphones

Finally, in the central console of the Tesla we find large compartments, a double wireless charger for smartphones and three 65-watt USB-C fast charging sockets (one front and two rear).

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