The insult to a client in the ticket of a waiter from Valencia

The insult to a client in the ticket of a waiter from Valencia

Going to a restaurant to eat, in general, is a very good or very bad experience. On few occasions we leave a restaurant with a ‘gray’ opinion. White or black. The greatest of glories or the resounding failure. There are many factors that come into play when giving an opinion about a restaurant: customer service, the quality of the food or even the decoration.

In more extreme cases, one decides if the experience has been good or not if he leaves the premises with an insult on the ticket, just what happened to a client in a restaurant in Valencia. As she has picked up the Twitter account @soycamarero, the diner went to pay the bill when she saw on the painful the following sentence, dedicated exclusively to her: “Spaghetti Boscaiola without meat for the ball breaker”.

The story is the following. One of the diners, who was a vegetarian, asked that the dishes not contain meat. And if they brought, she asked if it was possible for them to put her aside. The restaurant managers complied with the client’s demands without major problems. For example, They set aside the torreznos that one of the starters brought on another plate. However, the client did not like the quality of the dish and shared it on her social networks: “15 euros for a plate of mashed potatoes with eggs, bacon and grated truffle. Do you see the truffle? Me neither”.

They also asked for some spaghetti Without meat. Another dish that disappointed them. “The spaghetti that my friend had initially ordered was mushroom with cheese without meat, it turns out that this dish was off the menu. Nobody has told us and without consulting they have brought this out, spaghetti with tomato without further ado, which they intended to charge us at the price of the others when this, honestly… The ones I make at home look better”, said the client in her networks.

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It was then that the unexpected twist of the story came. When the client received the ticket, she realized that just below the plate of spaghetti they had called her “break the bubble”, a term used for people who are Very heavy. The @soycamarero account has described what happened as “lamentable” and responses to the tweet have agreed, although some debate has been generated.

“I’m leaving without paying and let them learn respect”

“Let’s see, the client can be as much g**y** as you want, and from the kitchen to the inside put it back and a half, what you can’t do is put it on the ticket, apart from being unprofessional (not at all) you lose clients”said one user. “People criticizing the vegan for asking that the meat be removed instead of asking for something else; It is clear that you have never tried to eat something vegan, many restaurants do not have any vegetable dish (even the salad has tuna and chicken). I leave without paying and that they learn respect”says another netizen.


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