The incredible data that portrays the club models of Madrid and City

The incredible data that portrays the club models of Madrid and City

Lto Champions has wanted that the Real Madrid have to face again a cross before the Manchester City, one of the greatest exponents of what has been called state clubs, teams that, based on unlimited capital injections, dominate both the domestic and even European and world markets. A war in which Madrid can compete, at least for now, both on the sporting and economic front.

Without going any further, last summer he took the signing of Tchouaméni outbid the Liverpool, one of the great powers of the Premier, the most powerful national League on the planet, where club-states abound. Condition that he shares with the Chelseaboth in 21-22 and this season beaten by Madrid in the Champions League, and who has another powerful representative in France, the PSGwho also knelt a year ago against the Madrid club.

Obviously, Madrid has the weapons to compete, in some cases, with this type of club. In others, such as those of Mbappe y Haaland, it is not enough. In some clubs, the economic injection is practically unlimited, as has been verified in the last two market windows (summer 2022 and winter 2023), in which Chelsea have invested 611 million euros, which constitutes a historic record in the transfer market.

The blues are out of Europe and very far from the fight for the Premier, in which City fights against Arsenal (American owned). The team of Guardiola He defends a crown that he has won in four of the previous five seasons, from 17-18.

The Spanish coach landed a year earlier at the Etihad Stadium, as a key piece of a project that sought to establish the Manchester club at the pinnacle of English football and, furthermore, turn it into a club for the first time in its history. European champion. According to Transfer marketsince then the investment of the Etihad club, owned since 2008 by a fund of Abu Dhabihas invested 1,240 million euros in transfers, while it has made sales worth 575 million. These data show a negative balance of 666 million euros, only since the summer of 2016 till the date.

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In the same period, the data for Real Madrid offer a notable contrast. 701 million have been invested in transfers, with Eden’s Hazard (120 million) as the highest operation. But the Bernabéu club has sold in that time for a value of 717 million, which yields a profit of more than 15 million.

In this ranking of the aforementioned specialized website, Madrid is fifteenth in the ranking of expenses, very far from Chelseafirst with 1,620 million, of the Barça (second, 1,280), United including PSG Atlético (790) o Tottenham. In terms of revenue from player sales, it is eighth in a list led by Benfica, the club that sells the best in Europe (964 million), with Barça (825), in fifth position,


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