The incidence rate goes up in the Var, to one point of the Covid alert threshold

This Monday, the Var reached an incidence rate of 48.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The incidence rate alert threshold is set at 50 by the government.

Relaxation on respect for barrier gestures, wearing a mask less and less respected… difficult for the moment to explain the reasons for this increase in the incidence rate.

This figure of 48.8, which represents the incidence rate, corresponds to the number of cumulative cases over 7 days reported to 100,000 inhabitants in the department. A figure still far from the peak reached this summer, in August: at the height of the fourth wave, the incidence rate reached 549 in the Var.

The most affected population category at the moment is that of 20-29 year olds with a rate of 78 cases per 100,000. Last August young people from Var were also the most affected with a peak in the incidence rate of 1,775.

While the mask is no longer compulsory from this Monday in primary schools, the Var people all thought they could breathe but the Covid epidemic reminds them.

The obligation to wear a mask in establishments open to the public subject to the health pass had even been lifted on Tuesday, October 12. Regarding this decision, it is ultimately the head of the establishment who decides. If he wishes that the wearing of the mask remains compulsory on his premises, his request must be respected.

A criticized indicator

This indicator of the incidence rate is subject to questioning. The more tests performed, the higher the incidence rate. It is different from the positivity rate which represents the percentage of people tested positive, not out of 100,000 inhabitants but of all the tests.

Clearly, the positivity rate this Monday is 0.7% in the Var and 0.8% in the Alpes-Maritimes. By way of comparison, in 06, the incidence rate is 62, above the alert threshold.

So why mention the incidence rate? Well because the French government uses this indicator as the main source for taking measures to fight the epidemic.

In the event of new confinement, the incidence rate will be put forward by the authorities to justify this decision. For the moment, the Var figures are not worrying but the curve continues to climb.


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