The importance of holistic care for cancer sufferers

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Dr. Chin Tan Min as Medical Oncology, Parkway Cancer Center (PCC) Singapore said that cancer patients need to get comprehensive treatment, not just getting treatment from doctors.

Holistic care it is very important because cancer treatment is not only from the doctor alone. They need people from various fields to be able to provide input or treatment to them from various sides,” Chin said during an online discussion, Wednesday.

“Not only patients, their families and communities are also important to be given guidance. Because they too will be affected. So this treatment is important to protect patients, families and people closest to cancer sufferers,” he continued.

Therefore, Risma Yanti as the Manager of CanHOPE Indonesia said that Parkway Cancer Center presents CanHOPE to provide counseling guidance for cancer sufferers and their families.

“So CanHOPE is a non-profit cancer counseling institution presented by PCC. CanHOPE in Indonesia already exists in 7 cities. So not only in the big city of Jakarta but also in Surabaya, Solo, Medan, Semarang, Jogja,” said Risma.

“We help patients and their families or anyone who wants to get counseling about cancer, assistance during treatment, because this cancer treatment is not a short and simple treatment. It is very complex and has a long journey,” he continued.

Furthermore, Risma said that her party also provides nutrition counseling, rehabilitation, and counseling support group for cancer patients.

“So CanHOPE provides services such as cancer counseling, nutrition counseling, rehabilitation and support group for cancer patients, namely Cancer Surviver, in this sense it gives encouragement. Because fellow cancer sufferers sometimes get emotional down. So here we hold mutually reinforcing activities,” he said.

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