The implosion of the Titan in 3D: the video goes around the web

The implosion of the Titan in 3D: the video goes around the web

ROME – Over 10 million views in less than two weeks. These are mind-boggling numbers for the video of the AiTelly YouTube channel in which it is rebuilt accurately 3D the implosion of the Titan.

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In about 6 minutes, the AiTelly team rebuilt what might have happened to the Titan. Through a 3D animation model, they are shown the causes that led to the implosion of the submarine, describing in detail the destructive process. At the depth of the Titanic (3810 meters deep), there is a pressure of almost 400 times what we experience on the surface.

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The Titan has been under that pressure. Normally, the means designed to deal with deep sea voyages (such as submarines), are designed to resist this force. However, when the pressure becomes greater than the force the hull can bear, the submarine violently imploded.

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According to current reconstructions, the Titan would not have held the pressure due to the hull structure. As the video explains, the current materials used by submarines are steel, titanium and aluminum. But the Titan was built with an experimental design, mainly made up of carbon fibers, which have the advantage of being lighter than titanium or steel. However, there is still no clear understanding of the properties of carbon fibers in deep water.


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