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The latest version of Amazon Prime Video’s “All or Nothing” series, which was released in August and became a hot topic. Not only Arsenal fans, but also Rena Matsui, for example, said, “I thought that football was not my life, so it was a revolution. I am grateful to Arteta.” We asked Saru☆Gooner-san to give us a behind-the-scenes review. Join us for tonight’s North London Derby (1st October, kick-off at 8:30pm Japan time)!

「We Love Arsenal We Do!」

This season’s home opener against Leicester City (Premier League Round 2) was filled with the enthusiasm of the red supporters, and the Emirates Stadium was already ready for battle even before the start, with love songs echoing over and over again. .

To be honest, I’ve never felt such enthusiasm in this stadium against mid-level opponents, even if you subtracted the victory in the first game of the season against Crystal Palace and the home opening game. There was clearly a different ‘home Emirates’ than last season.

There is a saying that makes fun of Arsenal.

 「Highbury Library」

Literally translates to “Highbury Library”. This is a sarcasm of the quiet Highbury and the quiet Gooner, but the atmosphere at Arsenal’s home is basically solemn, so much so that the opposing supporters dissed them with it on the melody. But it was.

But the attitude of the supporters on this day was something else entirely. There is a threat to intimidate the opponent even before the start of the battle, and you can see the spirit of “We will win!”

The Arsenal documentary “All or Nothing”, which was released just before the start of the season, played a part in transforming such supporters.

All or NothingWhat is ?

“All or Nothing” means that the Amazon Prime Video coverage team has been in close contact with a professional sports team for one season, literally “doing it or not” from the front to the back, all kinds of private parts to the whole world. It is a very popular documentary released for.

So far, Manchester City and Tottenham next door have Amapura cameras, and Arsenal is the third club in the Premier League.

As the subtitle of the Japanese title is “Arsenal’s comeback”, the content follows the season in which Arsenal, which has been eighth in a row for two consecutive seasons, aims to return to the CL. Unfortunately, Arsenal finished fifth last season, missing out on the Champions League. Nonetheless, the Emirates were ecstatic in their first home game and the stands were in great spirits.

Why are the supporters so emotionally attached to Arsenal, who missed the CL, and are cheering for them with more enthusiasm than ever?

This “All or Nothing” is filled with all the answers to that mystery.

This time, I would like to delve into the true nature of this world’s most wonderful “brainwashing video”.

A man named Demon God Mikel Arteta

‘All or Nothing’ is a documentary that follows Arsenal and the club’s revival, but the main character of this story is the former Arsenal captain and current Arsenal supreme manager Mikel Arteta. . It is no exaggeration to say that this documentary would not be possible without Arteta, who is such an overwhelming protagonist.

Anyway, this Arteta gets angry a lot. Far from getting angry, kicking and slamming things on the floor, it’s already angry hair level.

If you finish the first half of the match with a feeling that you can’t see, you’ll say, “You guys are so sweet! I’ll do it for 5 minutes, so change your attitude.” If it’s the world, I can’t complain even if I get hit!” while uttering the F word (banned word) in a crushed voice.

Just like the good old sports drama “School Wars”, which led the weak rugby club to the heights, punching the players with tears, “Aren’t you guys frustrated! I’m going to hit you guys now!!” The figure that pulls the team on the back while inspiring is drawn.


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