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The “I don’t like” button has reached Twitter, although it is still in the testing phase

by drbyos

One of the most anticipated buttons has reached Twitter, now selected users will be able to mark responses within the social network as “I don’t like”.

Jack Dorsey’s social network has been rumored for years about a possible button to indicate that a tweet is not for us and it seems that day has finally arrived. The news surprised all users, as there was no indication that today’s date was the one indicated for the arrival of this new feature.

Twitter made the announcement via his account within the social network, in the post of the tweet he explains the details and implications of this new button in the tests.. And, is that, although it is very similar to that of Facebook, it has usage limits so as not to generate toxic environment within the social network.

First of all, there is the software limitation, iOS users are the ones chosen to test the new Twitter functionality. Of course, not all of them. Only certain users will have this option within the app and the choice of these people is totally random and does not depend on anything.

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The second limitation lies in the operation of this button. Its appearance will be linked to the interactionthus, it will not appear in any tweet. This button will only appear in replies to tweets and the original author of the first tweet will only be able to click on the “Dislike” button.

This measure has been incorporated so that an environment similar to the one found on Facebook is not generated, where anyone can fall victim to a “I don’t like this” meltdown. Also, the person who receives this tag in their tweet will not be informed of this interaction..

The truth is that at the moment this “I don’t like” button is not used too much.It is nothing more than an unnecessary addition and which does not change the way of interacting within the social network. This test may not go too far.

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