The Hunting Season can be seen on SBS6 from Saturday: these are the participants

From Saturday 11 September it is The Hunting Season, the immensely popular YouTube series by the men of StukTV, on national television for the first time. On SBS6 we see how various well-known Dutch people are on the run as fugitive criminals from the men of StukTV.

The Hunting Season missed? Watch each episode via and

In The Hunting Season the following duos of famous Dutch people are participating:

  • Leo Alkemade and Xander de Buisonjé
  • Najib Amhali and Wendy van Dijk
  • Herman den Blijker and Bram Krikke
  • Britt Dekker and Simon Keizer
  • Rolf Sanchez and Wesley Sneijder
  • Katja Schuurman and Babette van Veen

Orange overalls
It promises to be one big spectacle, in which the celebrities – dressed in orange overalls – try to stay out of the hands of Giel, Thomas and Stefan for four hours. From fast cars to helicopters, the famous fugitives pull out all the stops to make their mission a success. However, they are only allowed to sit in the same vehicle for twenty minutes and not use their own money or telephone. In addition, they wear a GPS tracker, which sends their location to the guys from StukTV every ten minutes.

The Hunting Season can be seen on SBS6 weekly from Saturday 11 September at 8.30 pm. You can watch all episodes of The Hunting Season look back at and

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