The house by the sea – trailer

Make the world a little better with a little brotherhood, or rather fraternity. That is not the message, but the effect of Robert Guédiguian’s new film “Das Haus am Meer”: “While most family reunion films screw themselves more and more inwards, Guédiguians opens up to the outside world. This is a liberation for the genre as well as for the audience. And a lesson for both: It’s not always about ourselves. All of this can only be brought together by actors who are completely at the service of the cause. It is as if they had sucked in the »maritime communism« (Liberation) of Guédiguian with the light of a sun setting over the sea. ”“ That the film is a great humanistic statement for a homeland of the people, an appeal for universal brotherhood, and a gesture against the barbarism of politics goes without saying with this team. The gentle persistence of the film quickly disappears the suspicion that it is about the illustration of theses in the context of the genre. You can smell the sea here, feel the exhaustion and the new energy, the fear and the defiance. ”Georg Seeßlen in Strandgut Frankfurt Content: When her father falls ill, Angèle, a theater actress (Ariane Ascaride) and Joseph, an idealistic trade unionist ( Jean-Pierre Darroussin) returned to the small coastal town near Marseilles, where they grew up and where their brother Armand (Gérard Meylan) has held the position in the family’s small restaurant for years. Together they have to decide how things should go on with the house, the restaurant and their father. At the place of their childhood and youth, the three siblings are confronted with happy and sad memories that allow them to find each other again. The house by the sea_TLR_HD24p_DE-XX_20_Webfile_move

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