The health pass does not mix well with soccer in Montluçon (Allier)

“Since it’s in a small group, the swimming pool, padel, squash and CrossFit have picked up well. But on the soccer part, it’s more complicated, since it requires more people with a health pass, ”laments Julien, the boss of the indoor sports complex Le Central, an emblematic place of this practice in Montluçon.

What really brings the activity of the center to life is soccer and its inter-company championship. “In 15 days, we went from thirty teams competing to fifteen teams”.

The inter-company championship is evolving

Soccer did not meet the success of previous years because of the implementation of the health pass. For him, the main reason is the obligation to have a health pass to access and play soccer. “It’s obviously not just that. In this new school year, all the local clubs have resumed their training several times a week. “

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Faced with this situation, the company manager has therefore adapted by opening the inter-company championship to new teams. From next week, twenty teams are expected to compete.

“We no longer stop at companies and offer the integration of teams of friends to remedy the lack. “

And Julien is also counting on the resumption of all Central activities to compensate for this decline. “The place can be privatized for bachelor parties, birthdays or corporate events. “

He has also developed an inter-company padel championship, a discipline between squash and tennis on a 20 by 10 meter court.

Football: colleagues in the morning, teammates in the evening

Brian Le Goff


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