The heads of the Romanian Police summoned a trade unionist sent to court for favoring some feared underlings to defend the purchase of BMWs from Michael Schmidt’s company. “We don’t have to be curmudgeons anymore. Let’s give credence to those who make the purchase”

The leadership of the Romanian Police also called a trade unionist leader to Monday’s press conference to defend the purchase of the 600 BMWs from the company of Michael Schmidt, the friend of President Klaus Iohannis. It is about Gabriel Gîrniță, the head of the Sidepol union, recently sent to court in a criminal case for favoring the perpetrators.

In his intervention at the press conference, Gîrniță defended the purchase of BMWs, criticized by another union, Europol, which accused a possible falsification of the specifications.

Thank you to the police leadership for inviting us today to give you details on the purchase. I took feed-back from colleagues in the operative field. Cars are now being purchased that provide optimal safety compared to current equipment. We don’t have to be curmudgeons anymore. Let’s give credit to those who make these purchases. We need the policeman to be safe, otherwise more and more of the system will fail”, said trade unionist Gîrniță in the intervention at Monday’s press conference at the headquarters of the IGPR attended by the head of the IGPR and his deputy, as well as other directors from the Romanian Police.

In June 2022, Olt Court ordered the prosecution of Gabriel Gîrniță in a case in which he is accused of favoring the perpetrator, according to the portal In the file, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Dolj Court accuse the leaders of the most feared underworld group in Craiova, “Frăția”, of forming an organized criminal group, beating or other violence, complicity in attempted murder, complicity in blackmail.

Gabriel Gîrniță did not respond to the calls and messages of the G4Media reporter until the publication of the article.

Bogdan Giuroiu, the executive president of the Sidepol union, confirmed for G4Media that Gabriel Gîrniță was sent to court following a decision of the Olt Court. Asked by the G4Media reporter how Gabriel Gîrniță can keep his position as a trade union leader being sent to court in a criminal case, Bogdan Giuroiu said that the decision was taken at the trade union congress, given that the organization’s statute does not provide for such a situation. “All citizens benefit from the presumption of innocence,” he said.

Context. The leadership of the Romanian Police gave public justifications on Monday for the purchase of at least 300 BMWs from Automobile Bavaria, the company owned by Michael Schmidt, the friend of President Klaus Iohannis.

Questor Benone Matei, head of the Romanian Police, stated, in a press conference organized two days after President Klaus Iohannis asked for clarification of the situation, that the police drew up the specifications of the tender following the requests of the Traffic Police and with the support of the department of Logistics.

Benone Matei said that although there was only one bidder at the auction, Automobile Bavaria, the technical specifications were valid for at least 3 other models. According to G4Media, these are models of the Mercedes, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo brands.

Asked by the G4Media reporter how they arrived at these highly restrictive technical specifications, Police chiefs said that the main purpose of the special vehicles is to track drivers who do not stop at signals and must be followed. The spokesperson of the Police, Georgian Drăgan, said that in 2021 there were 3,250 such cases, and this year – 2,068.

Asked by the G4Media reporter if there aren’t other types of cars that allow for effective traffic tracking, the Police chiefs said that the technical requirements are minimal, requiring powerful cars that can compete with the cars of more than 2,000 cubic cm that entered the Romania after the first registration fee was abolished in 2017.

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