The head of Apple signed a secret deal with China for 275 billion dollars

The American company declined to comment on the information

Apple CEO Tim Cook signed a secret five-year deal worth more than $ 275 billion with China in 2016, promising that the company would help develop China’s economy and technological expertise. BNR.

According to the information, Tim Cook promised the Chinese authorities that his company would make investments in the country, provide business deals and organize training for workers.

Cook’s visit to China in 2016 came amid Beijing’s crackdown on the iPhone maker, which was halted after the deal was signed. In April 2016, Apple was banned from selling e-books and movies through its applications in China.

At the time, Tim Cook announced Apple’s new investment in China and urged other US companies to follow suit. In August 2016, Cook said the technology company would increase its investments in China. He then met with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli in Beijing, after which Tim Cook said Apple planned to open its first Asian independent center for development and research in the country by the end of the year. He also called on other US companies to invest in China.

Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment from Reuters.


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