The great paradox of the country! Hristo Ivanov is speaking

The key, which for Hristo Ivanov will determine where the state will go, is judicial reform.

Bulgaria must have a government. This was stated by the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov in “Panorama”.

“We are at a political crossroads – in one direction, further division follows. An election in an extremely complex tangle of internal and external crises will produce a parliament in which it will be even more difficult to make decisions than now. The other arm of the crossroads is to master the paradoxes”.

On the one hand, there is an awful lot of personal intransigence in this parliament, a search for a certain moral cleansing, he believes. It is a paradox, according to Ivanov, that the budget update was accepted by an overwhelming majority.

“The fact is that votes on the budget have always been one of the fundamental indicators of the political system and who stands where. 230 people on the budget speaks to certain fundamental political agreements. It shows that in this parliament, despite this polarization, we actually have the opportunity to we also seek consent.”

This does not mean unprincipled compromises and abandoning positions, but that our country is facing extraordinary challenges, but also important decisions

“For example – in the relations with Russia and in general the positioning of the new security environment in Eastern Europe”, specified Hristo Ivanov.

“This is the tool by which we can separate politics from allegations of corruption. Let’s say – in Bulgaria there is a court, in Bulgaria there is a seriously reformed prosecutor’s office, which we can trust to deal with the allegations of some against each other for certain criminal activity .”

Asen Vassilev’s task is not just to find 121 deputies, but together with the coalition partners to find a way to embody political agreements with the other parties in the parliament before the local elections in a year.


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