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Although Belmondo, who was called Jean-Paul or Bebel, retired to the kingdom of heaven, his films remain on our earth to remind us of what an amazing actor he was.

Chronicle tells about the life of the incorrigible magician, bon vivant and favorite of women.

There is an anecdote about Belmondo, which is no less famous in French acting circles and than himself. When a 19-year-old enrolled to study dramatic art at the Paris Conservatoire in 1952, his teacher, Pierre Dukes, a well-known theater director and actor, told him sternly: “With this crooked head of yours, it would be amazing if one you manage to lie to a woman in your life. ”

Dukes, however, turns out to be a bad prophet, because in just a few years, in the ugly boxer’s bed with the flattened boxing nose and big ears from the suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, some of the bigger beauties will be skipped. And each of them will want more and more from his passionate embraces.

Elodie – first love

Everyone has their first love. For some it remains the greatest and only, for others, like our Jean-Paul, it is simply a prelude to other greatest and only loves.

The first girl he falls madly in love with is called Elodie and she is a professional dancer who breaks her body every night in the taverns of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. They meet during a winter vacation in Switzerland. They married in 1959, after having one child – Patricia, born the year before.

The couple had two more children – Florence and Paul. Asked by journalists how Elodie could bear to watch him in hot love scenes with such beautiful women on the screen, Bebel replied: “That she is no less beautiful! Well, of course she frowns from time to time, but if she wasn’t at least a little jealous, it would bother me and make me think she doesn’t love me. ”

Ursula – the sex appeal of the Bond girl

As much as she loves him, Elodie is unable to keep him close to her, because in ’65 Ursula Anders appeared on the until recently free family horizon. And who can resist the sex appeal of the James Bond girl! Not Jean-Paul. He is so obsessed with the Swiss blonde that he is not able to be discreet at all and soon the press reveals their relationship.

Things are heading for divorce. “I will never abandon my children,” the actor told the media. “I am ready to secure the financial future of my family, but without Ursula’s love, I would not be able to work and exist at all. “The divorce took place in 1968, and twenty years later the family experienced a real tragedy – their eldest daughter, Patricia, died in a fire.

In the late 1960s, however, fate was too favorable for Belmondo. He managed to win Anders’ heart mostly with his gorgeous sense of humor, and their relationship lasted seven years – filled with passions of all kinds, which Belmondo lacked during a quiet, orderly marriage to Elodie.

However, what happens between lovers does not always move in the positive spectrum of the passion meter. Belmondo describes Ursula as a tigress – too beautiful, but also too jealous. In his autobiographical book from 2016 “Millions of lives are better than just one”, the actor tells a story in which Ursula shows her proverbially explosive character.

“Ursula used to lock the front door when she got drunk outside. One night I come home quite late and of course I still can’t go home. I decide to take the ladder and climb through the window. I just knock on the glass and the window slams open. Ursula yells at me, “Aren’t you ashamed?” and then he pushed the ladder as I was on it. “

Laura – the great Italian passion

For director Lucino Visconti, she is “the most beautiful woman in the universe.” For Belmendo, she is the most worthy partner – both on screen and in life. They have been together for eight years, and although they separated in 1980, Belmondo makes no secret of the fact that he never stopped thinking about his great Italian love. For Laura.

They fell in love at first sight during the filming of the comedy Les Mariès de l’an Deux (1971). Because of her fascination with her French colleague Laura left her husband and moved to Paris to live with her lover and his three children. Their relationship is not a cloudless day on the beach, but who would have guessed that after ending the relationship 1981, the life of the talented and beautiful Italian actress will develop in such a tragic way!

In 1991, she was convicted of drug possession and trafficking and spent nine years in prison. She was subsequently rehabilitated by the Italian Court of Appeal, which ordered the Ministry of Justice to reimburse her 108,000 euros. But alas, the life, soul and body of the actress are broken into small pieces. She is shut out of the outside world at her home in Ladispoli and almost no one sees her again until her death from a heart attack in 2005.

Carlos – the Brazilian fury
Belmondo’s relationship with the Brazilian singer for six years in the 80’s is proof that men rarely cheat on their type of woman. Like Ursula Anders, Carlos is as passionate as she is crazy about tying, only squarely.

Here is how Jean-Paul himself describes her: “A woman with such a jealous character that it borders on extravagance. I attribute her temperament mostly to the customs in Latin America, where women watch their men with the attention of an air traffic controller. ”Carlos Soto Major and Bebel separated discreetly in 1987, but only to reunite in March 2020. a.

Nati – Stella’s mother

The 80’s are definitely a turbulent decade for Belmondo’s love life, because two years after breaking up with Carlos, he began a relationship with his future ex-second wife – model Nati. They did not marry until 2002 because of Belmondo’s promise that if he jumped the ladder after the massive cerebral hemorrhage he had received the previous year during a holiday in Corsica, he would marry Nati.

The hemorrhage did not kill him, but paralyzed the right half of his body and he lost his speech. However, Belmondo proves that he is a strong and strong-willed man not only on the screen.

With a lot of effort he managed to recover from the stroke and six years later he was on the set again. Meanwhile, their family has grown by another member. In 2005 his fourth child, Stella, was born. Although she and Nati divorced in 2008, Belmondo keeps the most tender piece of her heart for her and Stella: “She made me the greatest gift a man could receive from a woman – our little Stella. And I will never stop being grateful to her for her constant care after the stroke. ”

Barbara – The swindler

Bebel’s latest conquest is Barbara, 42 years her junior, an elite companion and former Playboy model. However, the motives of the sultry brunette to start this relationship do not turn out to be clear. In 2009, the Bruges prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into two suspicious transfers to the accounts of the beauty’s ex-husband’s companies in Dubai.

She and Belmondo are summoned to testify before the Belgian and French authorities in connection with a loan of 200,000 euros, which the actor gave to his mistress.

The following year, prosecutors filed formal charges against the playmate for extortion, financial fraud and money laundering. Although it is now clear to everyone that she has abused her intimate relationship with Belmondo, he continues to defend her unreservedly.

He sees only after his house was robbed without burglary and the police suspect that Barbara is behind the robbery! The two eventually separated in 2012, and five years later Barbara was found guilty and sentenced to 9 months probation, as well as a fine of 5,500 euros.

The new old love, which turns out to be the last

At the height of his life, Belmondo rediscovers his love for his ex-girlfriend of four decades ago, Carlos Soto Major. In August last year, the legendary actor posted a short video on his Instagram account, in which he and the 59-year-old Brazilian are sitting, intimately pressed together, in an outdoor cafe. The text to the post is more than eloquent: “La vie est belle.”

After numerous health problems lately, his fans saw him in great shape and in the company of a loving woman. The comments were more than enthusiastic and everyone wished happiness and longevity to the new old couple.

A year later, France mourned the death of the “sacred monster” of French cinema. But the saddest is Carlos – she lost her beloved husband for the second time. This time, however, it is forever.

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