The Gordian knot of Madrid

Pedro Sanchez has solved the sudoku from Madrid with “a serious and committed project with the city for the next 10 years”, according to socialist sources who, although they do not say so, it is clear that with the election of Reyes Maroto the PSOE consolidates leadership over time. The continuous changes have been bad business and stability is urgent. In other words with maroto kingsa woman linked to the party, there will be no “scare” and the PSOE will be able to work in the short and medium term. He did it Jaume Collboni in Barcelona. In 2015 he obtained four councilors who doubled in 2019. Now he can recover the mayoralty, but to get to this point has crushed stoneHe has worked hard and did not give up at the first opportunity. She now has her chance. Everything comes.


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