The Germans rushed to the new cars. Surprising sales increases

In the past month, sales of new cars in Germany recorded a significant increase. The data is so good that the German association of the automotive industry forecasts annual sales at a higher level than it has announced so far.

Last month, car sales in our western neighbors increased significantly.


In April 2023, 202,947 cars were registered in Germany. This means an increase of 12.6 percent. compared to the same period in the previous year, according to data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA.

Germans are buying more new cars

The increase results, among others, from the gradually decreasing problems with components and, as a result, better availability of cars. Fleet customers had a large impact on the increase in overall sales. Last month, they bought 17.8 percent. more cars than in the previous year, and the share of fleet cars in the market amounted to 67.1 percent. The level of sales among individual customers increased slightly (by 3.2%). The market share was 32.8 percent.

Looking at car sales in terms of power source, electric cars recorded the largest increase. In April, 29,740 units of these cars were sold, which means an increase of 34.1 percent. The overall market share of electric cars was 14.7%. It is worth noting that the German government has reduced subsidies for electricians, arguing that electric cars can now be attractive to customers also without various types of discounts. By the end of 2022, the allowance was even 6,000. euro. Currently, the maximum amount of subsidy when buying an electric car is PLN 4.5 thousand. euro.

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The leader among power units are cars with gasoline engines. Their sales increased by 18%, and the market share was 37.7%. A slight increase was also recorded in cars with diesel engines. It amounted to 2.4 percent, while the entire market share – 17.8 percent.

Although hybrid cars recorded a higher growth than diesel cars (by 4.7 percent, market share of 29.3 percent), looking at plug-in hybrids alone, the situation is very bad. In April, their sales fell by almost half (45.7 percent) compared to last year. Also in this case, it is worth paying attention to the issue of surcharges. The government subsidy program for the purchase of hybrids was closed at the beginning of the year.

Volkswagen is the most popular brand in Germany

When it comes to the most frequently chosen producers, Germans opt for domestic brands. The leader of the ranking is Volkswagen (an increase of 23.7 percent) with a share of 18.2 percent. The next podium places were occupied by Mercedes (an increase of 27.4 percent, a market share of 10.3 percent) and Audi (an increase of 24.5 percent, a market share of 8.8 percent).

However, the largest percentage increase was recorded by a producer from outside Germany. It is about Tesla, whose sales results, compared to April of the previous year, are higher by 272.3 percent. As a result, the brand’s share amounted to 1.2%.

VDA raises its annual sales forecast for Germany

The improving situation on the market is also visible if we look at car sales in the period January – April 2023. Since the beginning of the year, 869,800 cars have been sold in Germany, which means an increase of 8%. compared to the same period in the previous year. Due to the good results, the German association of the automotive industry VDA raised its forecast for annual growth from 2 percent. up to 4 percent As a result, it is assumed that in 2023 the sales of cars of our western neighbors will amount to 2.76 million units.

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