The future is young and feminine

Kanye West, Drake – on the international music market, the most prominent rappers are currently determining the charts and media with their publications. But the more exciting albums come from the rapper. With the 27-year-old Park Hye Jin from South Korea and the same age Little Simz from Great Britain there are two women who have thought through their verses and beats so cleverly that you are not only touched by their sound, but also surprised.

On her debut album “Before I Die”, which is now to be released, Jin indulges in slow, sometimes fast rhythms from drum machines and synthesizers, while she repeats seemingly everyday lines about life. On the one hand, she uses her voice, which can glide high like a bird over the roofs, like a continuous bass. On the other hand, it is exciting to see how the spoken words change despite repetition. The loose question in “Can I Get Your Number” seems like an urgent request towards the end of the dark piece. And the lethargic, almost sad-sounding chanting in „Let’s Sing Let’s Dance“ ist ultimately that of a life-affirming self-coach.

Nwaka Okparaeke

Not at all introverted: the rapper Little Simz.

Little Simz plays on her new record “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” again with political and private lines and conjures up powerful basses like a magician, mostly tying up with jazz, gospel, funk and R&B. “Introvert” is with horns, Drums and strings a song that can blow your mind in its strength. “Sometimes I might be an introvert,” she rhymes. “There’s war inside, I hear battle cries / mothers burying their sons / boys playing with weapons.” The individual determines society – and vice versa, of course. Little Simz is also a combative ambassador in the remaining 18 songs, next to which pretty much every rapper looks old. In many places it is currently often said that the future is young and feminine. These albums prove that this is also true in rap.

Little Simz: „Sometimes I Might Be Introvert“ (Age 101 / Rough Trade) has already been published; Park Hye Jin: „Before I Die“ (Ninja Tune) will be available on September 10th.


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