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The Friborg Hospital wants to create competence centers in the regions – rts.ch

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The Friborg Hospital (HFR) presented its strategy for the future on Friday morning. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it possible to speed up reforms, especially in the regions of the canton with the creation of competence centers.

The operating theaters were reorganized and the emergency room was closed overnight. In Tavel, for lack of doctors, the emergencies even closed their doors. From an organizational standpoint, the virus has forced digitalization into force.

So the strategy for 2030 of the HFR was “boosted” with the Covid-19.

The HFR of the future will consist of a strong hospital center, the Cantonal Hospital of Friborg, with a new site to be built. Its satellites in the regions will be made up of competence centers with stationary beds and health centers offering outpatient care.

The role of health centers clarified

Unclear so far, the content of health centers has been clarified. The idea is to create centers of outpatient skills in line with the needs of the population and in collaboration with private individuals: medical practices, physiotherapists, dentists, laboratories or radiology centers.

It will be the bridgehead of the HFR in the countryside, an entry airlock, which, depending on the patient’s ailments, treats him on an outpatient basis, directs him to a skills center or directly to the Cantonal Hospital.

To test the concept, the Riaz hospital, near Bulle, was chosen. The experiment will start in August.

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