The French News Agency denies the killing of the Syrian “YouTuber” “Umm Seif” and her sister

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The French News Agency reported that the news of the discovery of the bodies of the two Syrian “Youtuber” Hadeel Al-Ali, known as “Umm Seif,” and her sister, is not true, as Al-Ali appeared in a television interview after the rumor spread.

The spread of this news on social networking sites from “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Instagram”, came after the announcement of “YouTube” that it had retired from “YouTube” in a video it published on its channel, which was watched by more than 15 million users.

At the time, the video sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites, as some considered that she was in danger or under threat, based on a movement she made with her hand, and some considered it a subtle indication that she was in danger, in addition to a bruise on her wrist.

Activists interacted with the news on “Twitter” through the hashtags “# Help_M_Sif and #Mama_Sif_in_Danger.”

Days after her retirement and sparking speculation about her fate, the Syrian “YouTuber” appeared on the BBC Arabic channel to talk about the background of its decision to retire from “YouTube”.

The young woman said only: “I decided to leave my YouTube channel because of my pressure and very personal issues that I do not want to talk about.” By appearing, she denied rumors about her death.

Comments were divided between those who feared for her safety, and those who believed that she had done all this to attract more views and interest in her channel.

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