The former ‘close friend’ of Bertín Osborne reappears crying and devastated in networks: “I’m having a very bad time”

Chabeli Navarro can not be more. The pressure he has suffered in recent times since his affair with Bertin Osborne It has caused the Sevillian, at the limit of her strength, to have broken into social networks, where a few hours ago she shared a most worrying video. Destroyed and crying nonstop, the artist’s former ‘special friend’ confessed that she had just had an “anxiety attack”: “I’m nervous. You don’t know how many months I’ve been there, new things happen to me every time and I can’t speak. or tell anything, but I’m having a very bad time. Everything that is happening to me is not fair and I have incredible impotence, “the Sevillian told her followers dissolved in tears.

Visibly calmer, Chabeli has reappeared this morning assuring that she is already “better” but that her outbreak on social networks was due to the fact that “I needed to get what I have inside, vent, because I have been silent for months and I wanted you to know what I am going through, but my lawyer has me said to calm me down. ”

“I’ve been bad for months. I can’t say why, I can’t say anything, what happens is that one gets tired” he confessed to our microphones, throwing a hint at Bertín Osborne but avoiding directly naming him: “I’m wrong and people They know that I am wrong, they know it and they don’t do anything about it either. ”

“He denied me at the time, then if he said he knew me, then he changed the versions,” added Chabeli, making it clear that “I will never speak ill of him because I cannot say anything bad about him.” “I have a lot of affection for him, what I can say is that I’m having a very bad time and hopefully one day I can find out everything “She added mysteriously, without clarifying why she is going through this difficult time.

Faced with our insistence on whether her pain is due to the fact that her feeling was different from that of Bertín for her, the Sevillian pointed out that “the whole issue is in the hands of my lawyers.” “I have taken legal measures but I can not say anything, really”, has affirmed in the images that we show you next in which, in addition, Chabeli He comes out in defense of the presenter after being accused of establishing his residence in Luxembourg to evade taxes.



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