The footpath and bike path between Arheilgen and Kranichstein will be expanded

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With a donation of 111,600 euros, the federal government, in cooperation with the state of Hesse, is supporting the city of Darmstadt in the expansion of a footpath and cycle path. This was announced by Economics and Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir in Wiesbaden on Wednesday. The total expenditure for the project amounts to 213,000 euros.

The existing footpath and bike path between Arheilgen and Kranichstein at the end of the “Woogsweg” and near the Arheilger Mühlchen is in poor condition, it is very narrow and can no longer be used safely.
In order to significantly improve this important cycle path connection, the city of Darmstadt is planning a thorough renovation of the route section over a length of 180 meters. The path is widened to three meters and paved throughout, so that a comfortable and safe connection is created.


Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer: “I am delighted that our record funds are being used on site and are therefore being received directly by the citizens. All that remains for them is: get on and drive off. This brings us a little closer to my goal: Germany will become a cycling country! The money is there: by 2023 we will provide the record sum of 1.46 billion euros. With our special urban and rural financial aid program, we are significantly improving conditions for cyclists in urban and rural areas. We support the federal states and municipalities, for example, with the construction of cycle paths, cycle path bridges, bicycle parking spaces and bicycle-friendly crossings. Because one thing is clear: the better and safer the bike paths, the greater the desire to get on the bike. “

Minister Al-Wazir pointed out that the state is also making extensive funds available for cycling: “The state budget will provide around 70.5 million euros for municipal measures for cycling and walking by 2023. This will make cycling in Hesse even more attractive. The turnaround in traffic, especially in bicycle and pedestrian traffic, takes place on site. I therefore call on the municipalities to seize this opportunity now and take courageous steps. “

The measure is funded by the federal government’s “City and Country” special program. For the first time, this is also providing financial support for investments in the federal states and municipalities for the further development of local cycling as part of the Federal Government’s Climate Protection Program 2030. In total, around 44 million euros are available in the “City and Country” program in Hesse by the end of 2023. More information under

(Text: PM Hessian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing)

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