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The first Victory Parade of 1945 was shown in color – video

by drbyos

SIMFEROPOL, May 4 – RIA Novosti Crimea. The footage of the first Victory Parade, held on May 4, 1945, can now be seen in color. Exclusive newsreel of the Great Patriotic War was published by RT.

As explained in the publication, the archive film was restored using neural networks.

“The footage shows the first parade of Soviet troops in Berlin on May 4, 1945. At the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, our soldiers marched in field uniforms, in which they fought in battles. We also collected rare footage taken after the surrender of Germany. -the winners are returning home, “the publication explained.

The May 4 parade in Berlin was the first of several victory marches that took place in 1945. The soldiers of the Red Army marched in a solemn march in the city, when the echoes of the last battles were still heard on the outskirts. The parade was hosted by the commander of the 5th Shock Army, Colonel-General Nikolai Berzarin.

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Earlier, as the website RIA Novosti Crimea reported, the organizing committee of the “Immortal Regiment” movement decided to hold the action on May 9 online. At the same time, on June 24 – the day when the first Victory Parade of Soviet troops took place in Moscow in 1945 – it was decided to hold a live procession of the “Immortal Regiment”.

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