the first names Gabriel and Alice in mind in Thionville

+ 15% births

After six years of decline, births are rebounding in Thionville (without however reaching the 2,949 babies who arrived in 2001). The civil registry shows 2,250 births on its summary table in 2021, an increase of 15% compared to 2020. The construction of the new maternity hospital seems to have produced its effect. Statistics confirm that Thionvillois neglect their sector maternity less. And parents living in the surrounding area are also more likely to push the door of the brand new Woman-Mother-Child Hospital.

Something new in first names

The girls still take over. They are 1,106 against 1,006 boys born in 2021. On the first name side, none really stands out. No more star first names, repeated fifty, sixty times in the same maternity ward. Lucas, Leo, Tiago, Emma, ​​Jade, Giulia come down from the podiums. Gabriel (23 babies) and Alice (15) were the most popular first names in Thionville last year. Just behind, follow two strong first names in their etymology: 22 boys were called Eden or Eyden or Heyden, which notably echoes the earthly paradise. 14 girls are named Inaya (or Inayah) which means benevolence and solicitude in Arabic. Then there are 19 Raphaël, 16 Liam, 16 Maël. And 14 Louise, 14 Rose, 13 Eva.

The parents clearly favored originality: both in the spelling and in the sounding of the first names given. Among the girls, we can mention Swany, Dania, Milie, Lenaïs, Azaléa, Lorédanna, Yalona or even Tempérance, Fiesta and… Princesse.

Among the boys, Lowys, Philéas, Jidenna, Oaïs, Harone, Qayyim, Télio, Keynaan, Noble also attract attention.

Marriages start again

Marriages have faltered with the restrictions and confinements linked to the health crisis. But the couples returned to the path of the town hall in 2021: 155 marriages were registered against 131 in 2020 and 170 in 2019. Not enough to reach the records of the year 2000, where 253 unions had been celebrated.

Divorces are exploding

Civil status notes a 40% increase in divorces in one year: 71 in 2020 then 100 in 2021. Again, the Covid is surely not for nothing. Confinements have certainly slowed down certain procedures in 2020, but they have motivated others… This figure, which has risen sharply in 2021, is far from reaching the peak of 140 divorces pronounced in 2005. The service listed 85 in 2019.

Sad death record

The death rate has been much higher in the past two years, marked by the pandemic. The City deplores 1,404 deaths in 2020. Then 1,439 deaths in 2021, almost 300 more than in 2019. A sad record.


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