the first lady of style

At the center of the controversy for her stay in Marbella in the midst of the British crisis, Carrie Johnson, Boris Johnson’s wife, projects a modern and professional image, the joviality that ‘rejuvenates’ the image of her husband.

His style already showed it at the G-7 summit, where came to have more prominence than Kate Middleton. The summit was his first official act after giving the Yes, I want to Boris Johnson on May 29 at the westminster cathedral. A wedding that the British found out through a brief statement.

In the ceremony Carrie Johnson She was wearing a pretty tulle dress with a lace bohemian inspiration, designed by the Greek Christos Costarellos for signature My Wardobre HQ and a garland of flowers in her hair. According to the Daily Mail, the suit had cost 3,300 euros, although some point out that it was rented for the occasion. The ceremony was attended by only about thirty people, given the restrictions due to the coronavirus. Among them was Wilfred, the couple’s one-year-old son. Now this six months pregnant, after suffering an abortion at the beginning of the year.

The prime minister’s wife has already been compared to Kate Middleton. In fact, the press considers that the first lady is inspired by the looks what does he usually look like the duchess of cambridge. The truth is that his profile is more similar to that of Kate than to Meghan Markle. Carrie Johnson has chosen to wear a red jacket to attend a conservative party event. In her public appearances, she also usually wears buttoned dresses, with classic cut flowers and very much in keeping with the style british. The British press knows her as the new Duchess of Cambridge. Carrie is a gold mine for fashion brands, as everything she wears is sold out in stores in a matter of seconds.

During the G-7 summit we could see her with a nice dress in fuchsia pink from Roxanda, valued at 1,600 euros. Another day he chose to rent a mustard front breasted suit from Alice Early. The rent would be affordable: £ 8 a day. The last day he returned to rent a suit Damselfy London.

The British first lady does not want to be pigeonholed as a clothing addict and therefore projects a modern image, of a working mother, with her own agenda and a strong commitment to social issues. In its social networks it is defined as conservationist and communication director of the Aspinall Foundation. The young woman comes from a family linked to journalism and to the left. His paternal grandfather, John Beavan, was a prestigious editor and parliamentary deputy for the Labor Party. His father, Matthew Symonds, was one of the promoters of the newspaper The Independentwhile his mother, Josephine McAffe, was responsible for the legal services of the media.

Carrie studied in the private schools of Godolphin y Latymer, before graduating from Art History and Performing Arts at the University of Warwick. Failed the casting for the movie Atonement and joined the conservative campaign Zac Goldsmith. Currently, it is the Boris Johnson’s principal advisor in every sense.



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