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The first fan reactions to the trailer are mixed

by drbyos

Sony brings with the next year Uncharted-Film a first adaptation of the successful PlayStation game series by Naughty Dog to the cinemas. A few hours ago is a first trailer appeared and finally gave the numerous fans of the games a first real look at the main actors Tom Holland as the younger edition of the legendary adventurer and treasure hunter Nathan Drake next to action star Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Sully. The cinema release is on February 18, 2022.

Neil Druckmann, Creator of the Uncharted franchise and co-president of developer studio Naughty Dog, shared his reaction to the Uncharted film’s first trailer with the franchise’s many fans. His Enthusiasm for the implementation of the series is not really surprising, as he himself is heavily involved in the design and implementation of the film.

Fan reactions are mixed – despite the allusions to the games

Did the Uncharted film hit a nerve with the fans? In addition to Neil Druckmann’s consistently positive feedback, the reactions from the numerous fans of the series are particularly interesting.

Although the Film die Origin-Story of the young hero and with it no direct adaptation is one of the titles, there are still some well-known ones iconic sequences from the games to see: For example Sam is mentioned, the missing brother from Nathan Uncharted 4. Also the legendary cargo plane scene Uncharted 3 must not be missing in the trailer and film.

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Uncharted: The film shows itself in new mysterious images (update)

Despite or because of many allusions to the games is quite a fan of the Setting des Films not quite convinced yet. Also provided in advance Mark Wahlberg’s Sully missing mustache for discussions, which not every fan liked – not to mention Tom Holland’s cast. However, the two protagonists in the film by a few decades are younger than in the games – after all, the prehistory of the two heroes is told here – doesn’t seem to interest every fan.

We have summarized a few of the first fan reactions here:

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