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The number of goals scored for this first weekend of N2. The most prolific meeting was played in Pool D. Quarter-finalist of the last Coupe de France last season, Canet RFC disposed of Stade Montois (3-2).


The number of goals scored in Pool B, the most spectacular of this entry. With only 10 goals registered, Group C is the one that has seen its nets shake the least. Logical since several posters have been postponed.


The number of matches weaned from goal. This first day began Friday evening with a (0-0) during the opposition between Angoulême and Béziers (pool D). Only the Guingamp B-FC Rouen matches in Pool A and Paris 13 Atletico-Schiltigheim in Pool B ended with the same score.


The number of matches postponed due to Covid from the opening of the championship. This only concerns teams from Pool C (south east / Lyon region) which have been affected by the epidemic.


The percentage of victories of the professional reserves (6/12 matches). Lorient, Caen, Reims, Auxerre and Nantes have won against amateur clubs. Lyon defeated another training center: Monaco (1-0).


The percentage of victories of amateur clubs against the pro reserves. Mention in particular to Fleury who won (1-3) at RC Lens, GFA Rumilly-Vallières who dominated Marseille B at OM Campus (0-2) and Andrézieux who defeated the SCO reserve (3 -1) at Envol Stadium.

The results, scorers, stars of the 4 pools

Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, Pool D


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