The feast day of Saint Rita


The statue of St. Rita in the St. Sebastian church in Unterspiesheim: The worship of St. Rita has a long tradition in Unterspiesheim
    Photo: Thomas Amrehn

On Friday, May 22, the feast of St. Rita is celebrated in the Catholic Church. Rita was canonized in 1900.

She was born around 1380 near Cascia, a town in Umbria. She died there in 1457. Her parents mediated in many disputes. Against her will she would have preferred to go to the monastery – at the age of 16 she was married to a wealthy man who turned out to be violent. In 1401 he was murdered. She was refused admission to the monastery. Those responsible were afraid that if they were admitted, the monastery would be drawn into the violent clashes. It was only when the hostile families made peace before the bishop that she was accepted.

Rita stayed in the monastery for 44 years of intense life in prayer, obedience and poverty. On her deathbed, she asked a cousin to bring her a rose from her parents’ garden in the middle of winter, and a rose bush actually bloomed there. That is why Saint Rita is often depicted with a rose, and the blessing of the Rita roses on her feast day is a reminder of this legend. The rose miracle is also the background in life history, why Rita is asked to speak in hopeless matters. Rita is also called to find ways of reconciliation among disputed families. Saint Rita is one of the most revered saints in Italy, and we also have many admirers of the saints. Her body has not decayed to this day and the Church of Saint Rita in Cascia is a popular pilgrimage site in Italy. But also the Augustinian Church in Wrzburg is visited by many believers to worship Saint Rita and to get strength and strength there.

Ms. R., who does not want to make her name public, reports how much the veneration of Saint Rita gave her strength and strength in many situations. “There were still few cars in the 1950s. So we drove my parents, my girlfriend and I – on the feast day of St. Rita by bike to Schweinfurt, and from there by train to Wrzburg. It was always a nice day, the only vacation we went on. Of course, the focus was on visiting the Augustinian Church and worshiping the saints, but we were also happy about the walk in the city and the ice cream we got. ”

Saint Rita gave her strength and strength in the event of severe strokes of fate, the woman reports. “A close relative in our family had a serious accident. He was severely affected by it for a long time and eventually died from the consequences of his serious injuries. It was a difficult time for all of us. It helped us when we went to the church after visiting the sick person Praying there in front of the statue of Saint Rita Another relative also suffered a serious accident years later, the consequences of which he suffered for a long time “Perhaps with my deep conviction that Saint Rita was with me, I could convince him to worship her too. He never spoke about it, but I noticed it.”

“I go to our church whenever I have worries and feel despondent,” the woman continues. “I feel better if I place a rose on her statue and dwell in silent prayer in front of her. My mother said a certain prayer to Saint Rita, which is also a valuable treasure for me. Speaking this prayer gives me The strength to deal with the problems at hand calms me down and makes me look ahead with more confidence. ”

St. Rita is particularly revered in the parish of Unterspiesheim: for years the namesakes and admirers of the saints have been traveling to Wrzburg to celebrate the ritual festival. This pilgrimage must be canceled this year. Therefore, on the feast day of St. Rita on Friday, May 22nd, at 9 a.m., a Word God celebration will take place in the church in Unterspiesheim. Roses and plants are blessed in the service.

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