The FCSG is in poor condition at GC

Super League

GC performs FC St.Gallen – a peat festival to the detriment of Eastern Switzerland ends with a 2: 5

The situation for FC St.Gallen is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. In the 2: 5 against the Grasshoppers and the fourth defeat in a row, the team of coach Peter Zeidler presented itself in a worrying state.

Difficult times await FC St.Gallen and its coach Peter Zeidler.

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The game rating

FC St.Gallen is not ready in the first half in this groundbreaking game. After 22 minutes the game already seems lost because he is two goals behind at this point. The guests from Eastern Switzerland present themselves differently in the second half. But the mortgage from the weak start-up phase is too heavy, and too many inattentions such as mistakes creep in when the Zurich-based company is attacked. The consequence is the fourth championship defeat in a row and thus the eighth winless appearance in a row in the league. Game grade: 5

Bendeguz Bolla (GC) fouls Michael Kempter (St.Gallen)

Bendeguz Bolla (GC) fouls Michael Kempter (St.Gallen)

Bild: Andy Mueller/Freshfocus

The goals

  • 1-0, 9th minute, Kaly Sène: The GC striker is in shape and proves this in a counterattack after a ball into the depths of Bonatini. The defense of FC St.Gallen is sleeping, and Zigi stays in goal too long. When the goalkeeper from Eastern Switzerland decides to come out, the Senegalese has no trouble scoring one on one.
  • 2-0, 22nd minute, Léo Bonatini: The second GC striker also scores. Pusic is not attacked in midfield, he launches on the side Sène, which fits where Bonatini rushes up unprotected. The Brazilian only needs to hit the ball in the mesh, Zigi has no chance. Only: Passover Sène was probably offside.
  • 2: 1, 46th minute, Nicolas Lüchinger: The Rheintaler brings hope back with his connecting goal after the restart. Youan crosses from the side in the middle, Lüchinger rushes up there and heads the ball powerfully into the goal.
  • 3: 1, 49th minute, Kaly Sène: Again the GC striker hits, again after a pass into the depths (this time by Kawabe), again after great inattention from the St.Gallen back team.
  • 3: 2, 53rd minute, Kwadwo Duah: The St.Gallers receive a penalty because Kempter pursues in the penalty area and is knocked off his feet by Bolla. Duah does not miss the chance from the penalty spot and converts safely.
  • 4: 2, 70th minute, Bendegúz Bolla: The Grasshoppers combine quickly and directly into the sixteenth of the St.Galler. There Bolla is completely free and hits the old two-goal lead via the post.
  • 5: 2, 84th minute, Djibril Diani: Fazliji messes up the ball on the opposing sixteen, as a result, the Zurich team combine forward. When they supposedly break off the attack, the flank still comes – and Diani heads free-standing into the goal.

The game analysis

FC St.Gallen cautiously starts the game without the injured Ruiz, Diakité and Babic. That is not surprising in view of the bad series that he has had in the championship since the opening win in Lausanne. The Eastern Swiss have more possession against the record champions, but it is the Zurich who take the lead after a counterattack in the ninth minute by Sène.

As a result, FC St.Gallen tried to do more for the game. He hardly gets any chances, a long-range shot by Duah next to the goal is the highest of emotions. It gets even worse because the home team extends the lead after a nice attack and thanks to St.Gallen passivity through Bonatini. The flaw sticks to the goal that assistant Sène has probably been sidelined. Still: What a bad start, the game already seems lost after 22 minutes.

After 38 minutes there is a first sign of life from the FCSG. After a corner, Schubert heads the ball just past the goal, but the eastern Swiss are still miles away from anything countable. Above all, the team of coach Peter Zeidler runs the risk of falling victim to dangerous counterattacks. But Pusic fails twice.

After the break, events roll over. Lüchinger brings the Grünweissen, but Sène immediately goes back to the old two-goal lead. Just minutes later, it is Duah who brings St.Gallen back up with a penalty. Now a real exchange of blows develops, with chances on both sides, especially Duah and Youan miss two good ones after almost 60 minutes.

Kwadwo Duah leaves GC goalie Moreira no chance from the penalty spot.

Kwadwo Duah leaves GC goalie Moreira no chance from the penalty spot.

Andy Müller/Freshfocus

GC is now decreasing more and more, St.Gallen is determining the game. Coach Giorgio Contini has long since made mutations, as has Zeidler. But then the Grasshoppers redeem themselves by consistently exploiting the next mistakes made by the St.Gallers. Bolla scores 4: 2 after a nice attack, that is definitely the preliminary decision.

After that, there is not much left from the St.Gallers. The 5: 2 of the Grasshoppers through Diani is emblematic. The Zurich almost break a counterattack, the cross comes anyway, but no St.Galler is far and wide with the goal scorer. If you make so many mistakes, you simply cannot win in the Super League. The guest from Eastern Switzerland had to make this painful experience in front of 5800 spectators in the Letzigrund.

The best

None. There is no one on that evening to pull the team along. Nobody to wear it. Only Lüchinger’s goal and his subsequent goal celebration are the exception.

The worst

The whole team shows a desperate performance. There is a lack of corners and ends, sometimes even the will to fight. So it would be unfair to name individual players in this section.


Lukas Görtler finds clear words about the performance of the FCSG in the break interview with “Blue”: “It is desolate what we showed, especially in the initial phase. If we don’t show a different face in the second half, things will look bad. But the mentality of the troops is right. That makes me confident for the second half. “

The fans are clearly in the majority against GC.

The fans are clearly in the majority against GC.

Bild: Freshfocus

The fans

Yes, it is not up to the fans of FC St.Gallen that their club is not doing well. In comparison with the curve of the Grasshoppers, they are clearly in the majority. But once again the support and countless songs that the people of Eastern Switzerland sing all the time are of no use.

The reactions

GC-Trainer Contini: We found our way into the game, but we didn’t reward ourselves enough for the good first half. After the break, the St.Gallers were hot again and we moved in for a restless 30 minutes. But our match plan worked, the center was closed. We didn’t shy away from the duels, we were aggressive. The bottom line is that the result looks good. The mentality and implementation of my plans were right.

FCSG trainer Zeidler: The game started in a way that shouldn’t happen to us in our psychological situation. We didn’t defend well in the first two goals we conceded. We came back after the break, but then remembered how to defend poorly. After the next goal we had the best phase and we could have equalized. After conceding the fourth goal, the game was over for us. Compliments to GC.

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