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the fantasy RPG adapts its technology

by drbyos

A job offer gives new clues about one of the most anticipated games for Xbox Series X | S and PC.

We have known for several months that there is a new game of Fable on the way since last July 2020. We have only seen a short and nice teaser of the game, so any information is good information about one of the most anticipated games in the catalog of Xbox Series X|S y PC. Now, as usual, job offers have been sneaked up on new details about this RPG adventure that promises to be one of the flagships of Microsoft’s platforms in the near future.

As you know, the game is being developed by Playground Games, responsible for the saga Forza Horizon. And has been on LinkedIn from Turn 10, creators of the saga Forza Motorsport, who leave new information about the new Fable. Specifically on its technical section, which will take advantage of the ForzaTech Engine, the engine that has been using the series for years, and how good results visually it has given them. The job description reads as follows:

The new Fable has no release date yet“Want to have a big influence on 3 AAA titles in development on 2 beloved Xbox franchises? ForzaTech is the engine, tools, and channels that power the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon game series. In addition to adding new features like ray tracing to support the next generation of consoles, we are also enriching the toolset to support an open world action RPG: Fable“.

In this way, a logical step is confirmed, and that is that Fable will use an evolved version of the ForzaTech Engine, a technology with which the studio has experience, and not a new one, which could further extend development deadlines. As the description says, has adapted to the new generation with benefits such as ray tracing, as well as the tools to visually exploit an open world like the one Fable promises to offer.

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When is Fable coming out on Xbox Series X | S and PC

It seems that we will have to wait a while to enjoy this Fantasy Action RPG, which is one of the most anticipated in the Xbox Series and PC catalog. It is one of the most beloved sagas of Microsoft systems and there are high hopes for this kind of reboot. Peter Molyneux, its creator, will no longer be at the helm. But the studio is settling with several industry veterans, coming from games like GTA 5 or Batman: Arkham Knight, as well as one of the main writers of Control and even developer with experience in Assassin’s Creed and Halo.

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