The Falla Lo Rat Penat wins the Valencia City of Running Award

The Falla Lo Rat Penat, with a scene that recreates the deed starring the German Kathrine Switzer, which in 1967 became the first woman in Boston to participate in a Marathon and thus open the way to the incorporation of women into popular athletics, has been the winner of the Valencia City of Running Awards to Best Running Scene de las Fallas 2021. In the sixth consecutive edition of these awards announced by the newspaper Supersport and the Trinidad Alfonso FoundationThe jury that visited the monuments of the 15 commissions that were competing for the awards this Thursday was made up of Sergi Borrás, from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation; athlete Yolanda Ricos, and SUPER photojournalist, José Manuel López. The awards, without a doubt, are already consolidated in the fallas world and try to unite two of the most important and identifying movements of the city of Valencia: Las Fallas and Running.

The winning commission, the Falla Lo Rat Penat, will receive 3000 euros (2000 for the commission and 1000 for the fallero artist). The jury has valued the message transmitted by the scene in which the mythical Kathrine Switzer is represented as a super-woman who has to overcome all obstacles to get away from the judges who wanted to expel her from the test for her status as a woman and fulfill her sleep.

The second prize went to the Falla Gayano-Lluch with a scene in which the jury has valued the artistic quality and that represents an athlete crossing the finish line of the València Marathon on a carpet that instead of the characteristic blue, this time is red. At the finish line, a 2020 crossed out and replaced by 2021 recalls the frustrated dreams of all popular runners who in 2020 could not participate in the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon because of the pandemic and who this year will fight to achieve their goal . The Falla Gayano-Luch will receive 1,000 euros as second classified (600 for the commission and 400 for the artist).

The podium of the 2021 Valencia City of Running Awards is completed by the West Avenue-Veluters Failure that recalls that ‘Valencia is the land of flowers, light and running’ with a funny scene that parodies the growing fondness of runners to use all kinds of gadgets and electronic devices, so much so that runners are represented as robots. For this third prize, the Falla will receive 600 euros (400 for the commission and 200 for the artist). The list of winners was completed by the Valle de Laguard-Padre Ferris Fallas (fourth classified), the Santiago Rosiñol-Conde Lumiares Falla (fifth classified) and Mariano Benlliure-Acequia de Tormos (sixth). These three will be presented with a food product voucher worth 200 euros.

In addition, the six winners will receive an annual subscription to the newspaper Superdeporte and an embroidered pallet whose delivery will take place today Friday, September 3 at the Plaça del Ayuntamiento during the official delivery of the 2021 awards of the Central Fallera Board.

The fourth prize, the Laguar Valley-Padre Ferris Fault extols the essence of the runner, which is why an unpainted runner is represented, since the important thing is not the exterior, but what is inside. The fifth prize, the Santiago Rosiñol-Conde Lumiares fails, represents two happy runners in Valencia, the City of Running. The sixth prize, from the Mariano Benlliure-Acequia de Tormos fault, bets on inclusive sport representing an athlete in a wheelchair from the Aderes de Burjassot Sports Association, inspiring the film Champions. This Falla has worked throughout the year with Aderes and Avapace on various inclusion projects.


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