The exact time you should walk each day if you want to lose weight

Nor run a marathon or kill yourself on the treadmill in the gym. Lose weight it’s not that hard if you know how. Evidently, if you set very high goals it will not be enough and you will not be satisfied. In that case, or if you really must lose weight due to rigorous health issues, it is best to go to a diet and exercise specialist. But if what you want is stay healthy and get a toned and slim shape With your eyes set on the bikini operation, if you walk a certain number of steps a day, you will have already completed.

Actually, if the number is between the 4,000 and 5,000 steps is enough. Although they seem like a lot, they won’t take you too long: just half an hour. This tip comes from Eric Bowling, a prestigious North American trainer who specializes in weight loss through physical exercise and, above all, of the so-called NEAT, which includes the activity of walking.

Walking for half an hour can have great benefits, but if you spend most of the day sitting, it will not be effective.

Los NEAT (English contraction of “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”) are a set of exercises that consist in turning domestic activities into small workouts. Gardening, playing with your children or even, grandchildren or house cleaning. “Increasing your daily activity levels with NEATs can play a very important role in helping you lose weight and maintain weight,” notes Bowling in a ‘Pop Sugar’ article. “For anyone new to fitness, it’s a really good start.”

In this sense, the expert points out that the difference between the calories burned is very significant if you lead a sedentary lifestyle to if you move, even if only a little. “Estimates show that the variation between the two can be as high as up to 2,000 calories“, he explains. In other words, walking for half an hour can have great benefits, but if you spend most of the day sitting, it will not be effective. Therefore, if you are part of that percentage of the population that lives sedentary, walking half an hour a day an average of 5,000 steps will be useless, instead, you will need to increase your mark and physical demand to 12,500 steps.


Walking can bring results as positive as running. Not only does it decrease the risk of hypertension, it also reduces cholesterol, prevents the onset of diabetes, increases vitamin D levels, improves circulation, tones muscles and reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer. It also works against stress and improves sexual life.

It is essential to end bad habits and see exercise as a way to connect with yourself and the body

But of course, to enjoy the benefits it promises you have to do it right. It is essential to walk upright, no looking at your cell phone with your head down. In addition, this way you will avoid possible back pain. Another advantage offered by this activity is being able to disconnect from routine and everyday noise, immerse yourself in a sweet individual abstraction that invites reflection. Thus, if you have a distraction, let it only be the music you choose in that daily half hour.

Most people think of physical exercise as sacrifice and willpower. In reality, what you should do is banish this vision and feel that you need to take care of your body. Therefore, it is essential to end bad habits and see exercise as a concrete way of connecting with oneself and the body. As many experts argue, To walk (and also when running) we not only put our physical state in shape, but it also helps us regulate our mind and build a barrier against daily stress. Therefore, just give yourself half an hour or 5,000 steps to feel better. You will notice the changes.

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